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How to get rid of kidney stones easily at a low cost

How to get rid of kidney stones easily at a low cost

Kidney stones cost a lot of money to cure. However, if you want, you can also try to cure kidney stones in a natural way. For this, you need to know the actual method. Let’s see how to get rid of kidney stones at a low cost-

Kidney stones will be removed by mixing half a lemon juice in a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach. That means you only have to buy lemons. And there is water in the house.

According to Indian media News Eighteen, there are four common types of kidney stones. 1 type of kidney stone is hereditary. Eighty percent of the other 3 types of kidney stones are calcium-based. Chronic kidney disease increases the risk of kidney stones.

Experts claim that lemon juice contains citric acid which prevents the formation of calcium stones. Citric acid also breaks up large stones into smaller pieces so that they can be easily excreted through the narrow urethra.

However, not only kidney stones are removed, lemon juice has many more benefits. It increases energy, reduces weight, prevents viral infections, reduces toothache, improves eyesight, keeps skin clean, relieves constipation, and keeps the liver clean.



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