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How to hack your Facebook password

How to hack your Facebook password

The security of Facebook is one of the most important issues nowadays. Facebook passwords can be hacked in many ways. Let’s find out how Facebook passwords can be hacked.

1. Fake friendship

It is often seen that they have a very good relationship with you in the guise of a hacker. Gather different information about you. At one point it sends you a link to the inbox. If you click on these links without understanding, your secret password and email will be under the control of the hacker.

2. Account phishing

In this process, the hacker will send various links. They can send it in a Facebook message or in your email. The links look exactly like the notifications from Facebook. This is called the Fisher Web. Although it looks exactly like a website, it is not. As a result, if you log in thinking Facebook, then you will lose your ID.

3. Website share button

There are some personal websites where clicking the share button is risky.

4. Facebook app

There are many apps on Facebook. You should always be careful when using them. Many people give these apps various information including their email account password. In many cases, they sell to different advertising agencies. This way you can lose your account by using the Facebook app.

5. Log in to the cyber cafe

Many people are used to running Facebook only on a mobile. Although the era of cyber cafes is almost over, many people are still sitting at the computer. Occasionally sitting at the computer just to solve various problems. In these cases, people who go to public computers such as cyber cafes, often forget to log out of the account.

Or many people don’t notice when they log in. Remember password is given. In this way, someone else can hack into your account without your knowledge.

How to hack your Facebook password


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