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How to Increase the battery efficiency of Android in some simple ways

How to Increase the battery efficiency of Android in some simple ways

Incredible 10 tips to increase battery life

1) Reduce brightness, reduce sleep time

Understand the time to reduce your brightness by default. It is better to keep the brightness below 50 when using the phone too much. This will increase your battery capacity. Therefore, Settings> Display> Brightness level to reduce the brightness of your phone as much as possible here. As a result, you will be able to hold the charge much higher. Increase the battery efficiency of Android

Another thing is to reduce the slip time of your phone. By default, it usually lasts 30 seconds. You can reduce this slip time to 15 or less. It will save a little charge on your phone.

2) Close the app after work

Most of the time we don’t close the app at the end of work or keep it minimized. But it interferes with withholding your charge. Moreover, some apps charge a lot more. So you must stop these. Moreover, Android has some default settings from which you can see the heavy apps, that is, the app that is wasting more charge. That’s why keep them close by looking at Settings> Battery at the end of the work.

3) Keep the battery saver mode on

You will get this option on the updated version of the phone. From where you can save battery through battery saver. Basically Sony, Samsung, HTC, you must get this option on these phones. Some phones turn on the battery saver after a certain charge. However, if you need to turn it on at any time from here Settings> Battery> Battery Saver

4) Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth Extra takes a lot of charges. But a lot of times when we keep Bluetooth on we don’t turn it off or forget it. So it must be closed at the end of the work. It will save some extra charges. You can turn it off with a short icon, but manually Settings> Wireless & networks>

5) Use dark wallpapers

More pixel wallpapers consume more power. But if you use dark national wallpapers, it carries less pixels. So it will be convenient to hold your charge. So use dark wallpaper as much as possible.

6) Turn off GPS (location tracking)

If you occasionally use apps like Google Maps to view locations, turn off GPS. Then you will save yourself from losing extra charge. Because you can do the work of GPS on Google Map.

7) Turn off the vibration, turn off the unnecessary sound

Turn off the vibration of your phone unnecessarily. And keep the unnecessary sound off from different apps or settings. Settings> Sound & notification> Other sounds Turn off unnecessary apps from here.

7) Minimize widgets as much as possible

Widgets are some shortcut apps to make your job easier. But too many widgets can slow down and charge your phone. So try to keep widgets as low as possible. Better not to use it unnecessarily, I think.

9) Keep the animation off:

Did you know that some flash animations on your phone can reduce the battery life of your phone? These could not be turned off before, but now you can turn them off. You can turn it off from the Settings> About phone option. “Developer options” “Window animation scale,” “Transition animation scale” and “Animation duration scale.” All options must be turned off. You may need to reboot the phone to confirm the change. See the picture below,

10) Take the battery catch or pack

If you follow the above tips, I hope your battery problem will be solved a lot. However, if you need to use more extras or charge more for long-distance travel, you can buy a portable battery pack or power bank. If you keep it with you, you can charge your phone 2/3 times more. So that you can use your phone as you wish.

Follow the above points I hope you will get closer even if you are not 100% satisfied.


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