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How to keep Facebook profile secret

How to keep Facebook profile secret

In this age of technology, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. However, there are many users who want no one but their friends and acquaintances to find their Facebook profiles.

Yes, you can set options in your account if you want, so that no one but your friends can find you. Not even searching with email-id.

Step-1: First you have to open your Facebook profile and click on the arrow sign at the top right.

Step-2: Then click on the privacy option on the left side of the screen.

Step-3: There you can see the text ‘Who can contact me. The edit option will be on the right side of this text. Then click there and put the ‘Friends of friends’ option instead of ‘Everyone’. As a result, friends who are common friends in your friend’s list will only be able to send you friend requests.

Step-4: There is an option just below, ‘Who Can Look You Up, Using the Email Address You Provided’. Click on this option and go to the edit option on the right. Here too, instead of ‘Everyone’, the ‘Friends of friends’ or ‘Friends’ option should be kept.

Step-5: Similarly, you have to edit the ‘Who Can Look You Up Using the Phone Number You Provided’ option.

Step-6: Once all the above options are properly selected, a box will appear, which will say, ‘Do You Want Search Engines Outside of Facebook to Link to Your Profile. Turn it off by clicking on this option.

Now it will not be easy for a stranger to find your Facebook profile.

How to keep Facebook profile secret


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