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How to save internet data on your mobile phone

How to save internet data on your mobile phone

Every month a lot of money is being spent on empty mobile data? Recharging internet data and it is running out right now? Many people have such problems. Learn to save internet data on your mobile phone

Many may be thinking of giving up using the Internet on their cell phones. In fact, some of our inexperience leads to the cost of additional data on the Internet. Paying close attention to these will reduce your additional internet data costs.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

1. Turn off push notifications

Many times the cost of your data is due to the different types of apps you use. Any of these types of promotional or messaging services cause your data to be consumed unknowingly. So, turn off notifications on any type of apps.

2. Track data usage

Android and iOS platforms now have the facility to track the amount of data you use. You can easily keep track of how much data you are consuming due to which apps and use the data accordingly.

3. Turn off auto-download on WhatsApp

WhatsApp users often receive photos, videos or audio from other groups; Which are automatically downloaded. Always turn off this auto-download option except when using WiFi alone.

4. Be careful watching videos or listening to music

If streaming a music video or song from mobile data; In that case, it may cost a lot more data. So be careful in this case, it is possible not to stream video or audio on a cellphone without a WiFi connection.

5. Use data compression

If you have a habit of reading many articles online, then it is a good idea to keep data compression on your mobile. This will automatically reduce the amount of data you spend on different web pages.

How to save internet data on your mobile phone



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