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How to understand the minds of girls

understand the minds of girls

When we boys love someone, we immediately tell the whole world.

But a girl’s love is completely different, they don’t want to love anyone easily. Even if he loves it, he keeps it inside himself and does not express it in his mouth.
Once a girl loves a boy. Then he tries his best. To keep that love alive. The minds of girls are very soft, that mind becomes softer when you fall in love with someone.

But we don’t see/understand it in many boys, we only see the anger, pride, quarrel outside of girls, but friends have deep love hidden behind that anger, pride, and quarrel.

A girl, one of the best creations of the Creator.

A girl’s mind wants someone to love her as much as no one has ever loved anyone before. Hey brother, will the people you love be angry with you or with someone else ??

I spoke on behalf of the girls in the post. But not all girls/boys are the same, and the expression of their love is not the same.

Different people in this world, different their love, different manifestation of that love, some love someone with pain, some love themselves crying, and some love fighting.
Love can be different, people in love can be different.
But the goal of all loving people is the one whom I love, I love with all my heart, I will love, I will live for generations.
I see many girls defaming boys in different statuses/posts.

Many girls say that “all boys are cheaters” are all boys really cheaters ??

Can any girl put her hand on her chest and say “all girls are good” why would you blame the rest for a bad boy ??

Boys also know how to love with a broken heart, you just have to have eyes to see that love. Many greetings from me to you and to the man you love.

understand the minds of girls


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