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How to Unlock Memory Card Password 100% Guaranteed

How to Unlock Memory Card Password 100% Guaranteed

The use of memory cards in mobile is incomparable but sometimes our favorite memory card gets forgotten password ….. But from that day to today, I will teach you how to open the password of the memory card.

A very straightforward job would require an SYMBIAN mobile 6120, N73, E63, E71, E66, E5, there are more Sirius mobiles with which to unlock the password.

1: First take 1 mobile like this.

2: Insert the password-laden memory card into the mobile.

3: If you want to pass the memory dukale you (Cancel) day.

4: Go to the folder named Tools.

5: Select Memory from there.

6: Go to Memory from Tools (Option) and click on (Format) to finish the base work.

Now the password of your memory card has been opened ….. once you dip it in your mobile, see what password you want?

B: After giving the format, you will not get anything back from your memory card but you have got your memory back.

Unlock Memory Card Password 100% Guaranteed


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