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How to Ways to keep Facebook safe from hackers

Ways to keep Facebook safe from hackers

Facebook authorities face questions about data security after the Cambridge Analytics incident. Many users have already blown up their Facebook accounts. And many have their foreheads folded with the security of their profile. However, if you are a little careful about a few things, you can easily avoid hackers. Some of the more harmful aspects of Facebook can also be protected. Here are some important things to know:

1. Masya also made more friends on Facebook. Robin Dunbar, a professor at the Oxford Internet Institute, says: But a man can have a relationship with 150 friends at once. According to Dunbar, 4.1 percent of his friends on Facebook are completely dependent on Dunbar and 13.6 percent of users are seen only when they need it, during their emotional crisis. Robin thinks it would be better for users to avoid such unnecessary friends.

2. There are several things to keep in mind before disclosing personal information on Facebook. Hackers can easily get all the information of the bank account from the name and address of the user on Facebook. If you share the phone number above it, there is no protection. You will continue to receive fluent phone calls from hackers.

3. Victoria Nash, another professor at the Oxford Internet Institute, raises a question about today’s children. What kind of information will the children be interested to see in the future through Facebook? Nasser said, ‘This question was not relevant before, but it is very relevant today. Because nowadays there is a rush among parents to post pictures of their children on Facebook. ‘

4. Today’s children have a tendency to hit their parents’ Facebook after returning from school. And there are some deadly games like ‘Blue Whale’. It’s not that kids can’t learn about these games without Facebook. However, Facebook is increasing the hunger of children to know the new. And the danger is happening to him. Even sex offenders have to fall into the clutches of the young.

5. Going somewhere, going to dinner with family, or watching IPL matches. And Facebook is finding out all this. Did you notice that you are also inviting hackers? There are also some insurance companies that cancel their policies when they share their holiday plans on Facebook.

6. Terribly harmful boarding pass information sharing. Because hackers can get all your information with the barcode number of this pass.

7. Do you ever go to any other page from Facebook to do some shopping or any other work with all the credit card information? Don’t do that. There are also allegations that money has been snatched from the bank account while giving the information of this credit card.

8. Setting a location on Facebook is another dangerous job. Setting this location will allow hackers to know more about your location. That place may not be your home or workplace, but the left-hand game of hackers finding you. And if you access Facebook from mobile and share location, then the danger is at your doorstep.

How to Ways to keep Facebook safe from hackers


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