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How to10 Health Risks of Using Mobile Phones!

How to 10 Health Risks of Using Mobile Phones

At present, mobile phones have revolutionized our daily lives. From morning to night it is now our constant companion.

Just as mobile phones are benefiting us in many ways, so are our health risks in many ways. Let’s find out the 10 health risks created by using extra mobile phones.

(1) Inattention

Researchers have found that most people check their phone repeatedly to check their mobile menu screen, e-mail, or application, even if they don’t need to. However, there is no possibility of any new emails, SMS or notifications.

One study found that people who are busy with their phones all the time activate 23% later than others in an emergency. That is why in many parts of the world, talking on a mobile phone while driving is illegal. Most of the time, mobile phones distract us from any task. As a result, it takes us longer than usual to do anything.

(2) General illness

But you can get sick because of your mobile phone! How? You are always busy with your favorite phone. It accumulates dust and sand, along with many diseases and germs. When it comes time to eat, you probably wash your hands with soap very well. Just before eating, your phone rang or a message came, you came back with a reply and sat down to eat.

At the same time, about 20 to 30 percent of bacteria and viruses entered your body from mobile phones with food. You may not get sick right away, but these things will be responsible for any future illness.

(3) Eye problems

People who use the phone at a very close distance from the eyes gradually suffer from various problems such as headaches, eye pain, blurred vision. Therefore, experts suggest increasing the font size of the phone’s various texts, using the phone at a minimum distance of 16 inches from the eyes. And if you have to read a long text on the phone, then rest your eyes for 20 seconds after a while.

(4) Stress

We use the phone to keep in touch with others at all times. But it also takes away our peace of mind. How? We are always hoping that the phone will ring or maybe someone will message us.

Although not consciously, our subconscious mind concentrates all our attention on this tiny phone. Such thoughts cause a kind of stress. Switch off the phone for one hour every day. This will relieve you of stress.

(5) Nervous problems

Radiation from mobile phones can damage our DNA. When the DNA of a brain cell is damaged for any reason, it damages various bodily functions.

The radioactivity of mobile phones reduces the amount of melatonin in the brain, leading to various neurological problems. It is also now scientifically proven that electromagnetic waves emitted from mobile phones cause various problems such as insomnia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

(6) Heart problems

Studies have shown that radioactivity from mobile phones disrupts the normal functioning of the human heart. This causes the hemoglobin in the red blood cells to separate.

In addition, hemoglobin is not made in the middle of the red blood cells but is made elsewhere in the body, which causes a variety of physical problems. That is why it is very inappropriate to keep the phone in the book pocket. In addition, those who have a pacemaker in their heart should be careful when using a mobile phone.

(6) Decreased quality and quantity of sperm

Nowadays, almost all the boys keep mobile phones in their pants pockets. Several studies have shown that men or boys who use mobile phones too much lose their sperm very quickly. In addition, the density of sperm tends to decrease. When we put the phone in our pocket after talking on the phone, it stays in a slightly heated state. This causes the temperature around the testicles to rise.

But the sperm is active inside the body at a temperature of only 4 degrees Celsius. So excess temperature is harmful to sperm. Again, a certain amount of beneficial electromagnetic waves are emitted from our body, but high levels of electromagnetic waves from mobile phones interfere with the emission of electromagnetic waves in our body. Resulting in abnormally shaped sperm.

(6) Hearing loss

People who talk on mobile phones for a long time have a higher risk of hearing problems such as hearing loss. At present, the rate of hearing loss among those between the ages of 18 and 25 is alarmingly high.

According to doctors, the widespread use of mobile phones and other electrical appliances is responsible for this situation. People who spend more than 2-3 hours a day on the phone become partially deaf in 3 to 5 years. So to prevent this, keep the ring tone of your phone as low as possible and refrain from listening to too many songs on the phone.

(9) Brain cancer

Radioactive radiation from mobile phones can slowly kill our brain cells. Radio waves generated from mobile phones heat up our brain cells. And the World Health Organization has declared this wave to be carcinogenic or carcinogenic. In other words, excessive use of mobile phones increases the risk of brain cancer.

(10) Risks during pregnancy

Studies have shown that women who use mobile phones too much during their pregnancy are more likely to impair the development of the fetal brain. In addition, many behavioral problems later occur among these children. So mothers should avoid mobile phones as much as possible during pregnancy.

At present, it is not possible to remove the mobile phone from life. But with a little awareness, we can protect ourselves from the health risks posed by the use of mobile phones.

How to10 Health Risks of Using Mobile Phones


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