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I will tell the fairy tale of a sad girl

I will tell the fairy tale of a sad girl

Tell the story of a sad girl today? The story is a fairy tale, because to me it seems like a fairy tale. I am a writer, I have the power to determine whether my story is real or fictional. But fairy tale girls are big intelligent. Ghunte kuroni girl or princess Kiranmala. But how did I write the story of a stupid girl?
Since this is a modern fairy tale, I can’t guarantee that there will be a happy ending to the story. My story is the story of the life of a princess, but nowadays it is always happening with princes. I would rather pray that the stories of the princes and princesses who read my story would not be made up in their lives.
Today I am very happy. You will also have a lot of fun hearing the reason. Come see me today, I mean Archie for the wedding. I know everyone thinks I’m brazen. Do you think the father of a crazy girl married? Of course, it doesn’t matter to me. Arrogant to think arrogant, I’m terribly happy.
I have been waiting for this day for the last 8 years, 2 months, and 24 days. I’m tired of making love. This time I will make a family. Girlfriends are making a family out of everything. I have not yet been able to cross the boundaries of love. How much more? My father sends me every day with new biodata to my mother. Both of them are tired of not listening to me. In the end, almost forced, I told my mother, I love someone.
My mother is not so good !! What a beautiful father. I was dying of fear, my father is angry. Anyway, now I understand that my father and mother are both really good. Oops, I want to dance happily.
Of course, things were not so easy. His family was not agreeing to anything. In my case, I know how everything is upside down. I have known all my life that my daughter’s father does not agree with anything. After retaliating, the girl’s father finally put his hands on the heads of the two heroes and said, “I forgive you, be happy.” And about me? Dad, of course, is not so happy about things, at least he agreed, right?
But her father did not agree at all. There are reasons, of course. He still doesn’t do a good job. A small job, as little as a salary. Of course, it doesn’t matter. I will manage everything in that little way. I love him a lot.
And he’s such a donkey’s ass since when have I been telling him to explain to his mother, to explain to his father a little. No, he himself tells me to wait longer. Hey donkey, we’re the same age, on top of that I’m the eldest daughter of the house. How do I wait so long? Do you understand my problem?
If I were a teenager, I would pack my bags and run away. But now? Moreover, my parents or I will explain? They accepted all my demands !! How can I ruin the honor of father and mother?
I am the only one who knows what danger has befallen me. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Her mother herself told me, they will come to see me today.
The festival has been amazement at home since morning. I don’t understand whether I will laugh or cry seeing my mother’s madness. There is no other name to get out of the kitchen in the morning. If I could calculate how many hundreds I have cooked, I would feel bad. There is only one answer. At my first daughter’s wedding, I don’t want to keep any shortcomings. No one can catch a flaw. Quite a happy mood all around. Just looking at my father’s face, my chest seems to be squeezing. There is no one there. What a. . . . .
Of course, I don’t have time to think so much. If all is well. Dad will understand at once, I did not make a mistake. I’m busy with makeup right now. Her aunt and uncle will come from their house. They never saw me. Moreover, for the first time, someone will come to see me. Even my favorite people’s favorite people, I should be a little sejeguje, right?
It’s six o’clock. They were supposed to leave at half-past six. I am ready, my mother is also ready with my mother’s breakfast. My phone is ringing, maybe they left. This donkey can’t do a thing without informing me again. The best ass in the world is called Arki.
They will not come. I still can’t believe the truth, they won’t really come. That call was from my favorite person. Who told me they wouldn’t come, and never again. Her father does not agree to this marriage. I don’t have to wait for him. I am happy to marry someone else. May I be very happy? Many many many happy. . . . . . .
Every day for the last six years is floating in front of my eyes. Many people were jealous of the two of us. We had a life like a picture. Everything is measured, measured. I have been thinking from the curtains of my room to the names of the children. I have never had a big dream, saying it will be broken. Never wanted anyone bad. I never imagined anyone but this one man. How do I explain, how much I love, and how much love would not break my dreams like this? How much. . . . . ??
Seki was crying? Nah, I didn’t hear any tears in his voice. I’m terrified. My whole family is waiting at the door. What should I tell them? I asked Sandhyatara what I should do. I think they are also looking at me like my destiny and laughing silently.
 My story ends here. I might have ended my story with the princess’s suicide if I wanted to. But sometimes writers are also captivated by the story. So I left the responsibility of thinking about the end to you. A.
– Satisfied dormancy will make me think, what will the princess do now?
I will tell the fairy tale of a sad girl



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