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Important tips to get quick Google AdSense approval

Here are some important tips to get quick Google AdSense approval

Google Adsense is the world’s largest online advertising company. Google offers content creators some revenue through various means (YouTube, apps, and websites). But the problem is that due to the various rules and regulations of Google AdSense, many people do not get the approval of Google AdSense on their website. So let’s take a look at the rules of Google Adsense.

Use of Premium Domain / Hosting:

If your website is on a platform other than Blogger, then you need to get good quality hosting and domain. You will not get AdSense approval with free domain or hosting.

Add important pages to the website:

Many people create websites but do not create the important pages to create a professional page. For example: Privacy policy, Terms of Use, Contact Us, Disclaimer, About Us. Of course, keep these pages on your website, so that your website will be of professional quality.

Website cleanliness and cleanliness:

Keep your website clean and tidy at all times. Do not add any unnecessary coding or images to the website. The loading speed of the website should be good.

Must Be Write a minimum of 15 to 20 articles:

Before applying for AdSense, you must write a minimum of 15 to 20 articles on your website. Articles must be written by yourself. Cannot be copied from anywhere else.
Remember that you will not get AdSense approval with a copy article.

Do not use copy images:

Do not use any kind of copy image on your website. Use copyrighted images on the website. There are some websites (Pixabey, Pexels, And others) that provide copyrighted images.
And if you need more than editing the image enough then use it for the website.

If you follow the above rules properly, then you will easily get the approval of AdSense.


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