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How to install the theme of your choice on a WordPress blog


The main point of today’s post is: How to install the theme of your choice on a WordPress blog

So let’s move on to the detailed post

In the new version of WordPress, you are twenty
Two default themes called Eleven and Twenty Twelve
Will get. Your blog with any of these
Can manage.

However, you must
One purpose may be to create a blog
Back, which might take with the default theme
Can go In this situation, you must
Want to get a theme of your choice,

But do not know how?

Do a little research as you need
You will find many beautiful themes. To make you feel
What kind of theme do you want or what kind
The theme fits the purpose of your blog
Will be You can use a free theme if you want.

Buy and use premium themes again
Can. Lots of free themes and premium themes
There are advantages and disadvantages, but that is not the case today
I will not discuss it.

Today I just

Show how to install the theme of your choice
Change the default theme of WordPress.
Then, without further ado, follow the steps below

Download the theme of your choice
I hope you already have yours
Net has chosen the theme of choice

Searches. You are a good one from https://www.fabthemes.com/
Elegant and those who can choose the theme
Provides premium quality WordPress themes
Stays. The computer downloads the theme of choice
Save to the hard drive. Most of the time
You will get the theme file in .zip format.

Upload themes to the theme directory
There are two ways to upload a theme. You
Via the WordPress admin panel
Can upload automatically.

FTP again

Clients manually use FileZilla
You can upload, which is easy and free.
Below are two types of methods discussed:
Using FTP client

If you have no idea about your FTP client
If so, this method is difficult for you
It may seem. But to follow properly
If you can easily upload themes in this way
You can.

Here I am the FTP client
I will use FileZilla as. So, not FileZilla
If so, click here to download and install
Take it. Extract your theme file.

Now use FileZilla on your hosting account
Connect. Hostname to connect,
Quickconnect with username and password
Click on the button.

The name of the host will be yours
Blog domain address (e.g. yourDomain.com)
And the username and password will be yours
Hosting server username and password.
Everything from the local site only before connecting
It was seen.

Now that you are connected
You can also see everything from the remote site.
Navigate to the theme directory of your blog from the remote site
Please. Usually, you will find the theme directory
public_html >> wp-content >> under themes. This time
Local while themes folder is selected
The theme folder you selected from the site
Select. Right-click and click upload

Then you don’t have to do anything else,
The theme you selected automatically
Will be uploaded to the theme directory. Everything
If it’s okay, it’s a lot like the picture below
Will show.

install the theme of your choice on a WordPress blog


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