Educational Story

Instructive story-The story of a small bird

Instructive story-The story of a small bird

A small bird flew high in the sky and landed on an open field in the freezing cold.

A cow was standing next to him chewing grass. He put a lump of dung on the bird.

The bird drowned in the dung, but in the heat of the newly fallen dung, the ice on his body began to melt.

After a while, the bird recovered and sat in the dung and started chirping.

A hulo cat was passing by. When he heard the sound of a bird, he swallowed the dung and took it out. Then he swallowed it.

Meaning – 1: Someone’s hostile actions may not always go against you. Some hostile actions may benefit you.

Meaning – 2: Someone saved you from danger, it means that he may not be your well-wisher. He’s probably your biggest enemy.

Meaning – 3: Please keep your mouth shut when you are in deep danger / when you are in deep shit please keep your mouth shut !!

Instructive story-The story of a small bird
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