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Item – Insta Naga Burger || 100 taka jhal khor experience !!

Item – Insta Naga Burger

Price – 100bdt

Rating -8/10

Place – Instabite, South Banasree main road, 10 tola market er samne.

— +++++ ——-

“A burger that is definitely not for the faint-hearted or sweet tooth people.”

# Insta_naga_burger

A must-try burger if you like salt. Insta Byte tried another burger gula, but did not dare to try Naga burger. Today I tried in the name of God.

Bringing it closer to the nose for the first time to bite will tell you what you are going to test. You will feel a sharp kick inside your mouth after chewing twice after the bite. But I’m sure, u will not stop. When you eat, you will have a runny nose and tears. Nose, tears will be monotonous, but you will go for the next bite. You’ll finish the whole burger tie, but by then you’re a ruined soldier. Tears in your eyes, but tears in your face.

(I like salt, but not so much. But I had a lot of fun eating it. I lay under the fan for 15 minutes after eating.)

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