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Jacobinte Swargarajyam (2016): Family is the unit of civilization

Jacobinte Swargarajyam (2016): Family is the unit of civilization

Each of us has an ideal person or profession in our dreams. We have been weaving various dreams since childhood for the purpose of future life happiness. It is foolish to expect any kind of fruit without hard work. In the same way, there is nothing to say about the true existence of anyone except the family.

A Family Quote: –

“Family Where life begins & love never ends”. That is, there is never any lack of love of any member of the family towards any other member of the family. Of course, our parents can be guided by that idea of our life.

Many may wonder if my parents are not very well established. Then why should I wish for a future life like his ??? You can have your family as your role model. Their hard work is towards this-worldly and family life. Because only hard work or your indomitable hardships in the battle of life can make you a brilliant person. In this case, age cannot be an obstacle. Because hard work can never be suppressed by youth or old age.

Although Vineeth Sreenivasan is a famous Malayalam music artist, she is also much admired for her management. He has been acclaimed as a director by directing movies like Malarvaadi Arts Club, Thira, Thattathin Maratathu, etc. He is also the story writer of popular and acclaimed movies like Oru Vedakkan Selfi.

He recently created Jacob about the life and family of an influential businessman living in Dubai. Impossibly great family drama movie “Jacobinte Swargarajyam” 6.


Jacob Zakaria is an influential businessman in Dubai. His impossibly beautiful happy family with his wife Shirley and their four children. Jerry is the eldest of four children. Jerry respects his father unconditionally and thinks of him as his role model. Jerry has another brother, Ebin, about music.

On the other hand, his only sister Ammu is studying in medical school and his youngest son Chris is studying in school. Jacob thinks his family is like heaven. Jacob thinks of his children as the greatest achievement of his life. His thinking is you have to be a good person before you can be an ideal businessman. If you want to be a good businessman, you have to have an energetic attitude and a mind full of confidence.

But Jacob easily trusts anyone, which leads to a huge loss for him by a businessman named Ajmal. Along with Jacob’s various business partners, they also suffered losses. As a result, many of Jacob’s partners became furious with Jacob. Jacob joins in trying to repay his partners.

But somehow some franchisors and partners were not being paid for the various pulls of money. Jacob fled to Libya to avoid arrest. So now the responsibility of the family falls on Jerry. Jerry suddenly lost his way. But his father’s extraordinary ideals are working as a good friend in his life.

If you like family drama movies Impossible; I can say for sure that you will like this movie as much as possible. All in all, this film is a great example of a selfish family drummer.

Jacobinte Swargarajyam

Although Nivin is portrayed as the main protagonist of this movie, the main character of this movie was Ranji Panicker who played the role of Jacob. Music director Shan Rahman has done a great job of directing the music and background music of this movie.

The director of this movie Binith and who presented the story to us so easily, you will never think that you are watching any movie !!! There is no twist in the story. Lots of predictable stories but impossible to love watching the movie. And every crew in the movie has played their characters quite fluently.

Separately, this may be the reason why many may wonder why the author has presented such a boring story so well. But I say guys from my point of view. I hope most of you will like this movie as much as I do.

Jacobinte Swargarajyam (2016): Family is the unit of civilization


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