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Just 5 stories in 5 minutes that will change your outlook!

Just 5 stories in 5 minutes that will change your outlook

The world is getting smaller, and the value of time is increasing. People want to get more in less time. And with this in mind, eArki has organized training courses in a very short time. Our topic today is management. In this course, you will be taught about the basics of management through real examples in just five minutes.


Dad took a bath, mom in the kitchen, and son watching TV. At that time the doorbell rang. The boy ran and opened the door and saw Mr. Karim standing next door. Before the boy could say anything, Mr. Karim said, “I will give you 500 rupees, if you hold your ears 10 times.” As soon as he finished, Mr. Karim handed over the 500 rupees note to his son and left. Dad came out of the bathroom and asked, ‘Who was at the door?’ ‘Mr. Karim of the house next door, the boy replied. ‘Oh,’ said the father, ‘did you pay me 500 rupees?’


Do not withhold your credit information from shareholders. This will save you from many unwanted incidents.


The salesman, office clerk, and manager were going to have lunch. On the way, they found an old lamp. As soon as they rubbed it, the monster came out. The monster said, ‘I will fulfill one of your wishes.’ ‘I am before! I am before! ’Said the office clerk,‘ I want to go to the Bahamas, where there will be no other thoughts, no work. ’‘ Fuh … !! ’He left. ‘Then I! Then I! ’Said the salesman,‘ I want to go to Miami Beach where I’ll just relax. ’‘ Fuh … !! ’He left too. ‘Now it’s your turn,’ the monster told the manager. The manager said, “I want to see those two in my office.”


Always let the boss speak first. Otherwise, your words will have no value.


An eagle was resting on a branch of a tree. At that moment a little rabbit looked at the eagle and asked, ‘Can I relax like this without you?’ The eagle replied, ‘Of course, why not.’ Then the rabbit sat down on the ground and relaxed. Suddenly a fox appeared, jumped up, grabbed the rabbit, and ate it.


If you want to sit back and relax without doing anything, then you have to stay on top.


A hen and a bull were talking. ‘My hobby is to climb that tree, but I don’t have that much energy, the chicken regretted. The bull replied, “Well, you can eat my dung, it has a lot of nutrients in it.” Trying, he climbed the lower branch of the tree. On the second day he played again, then he climbed the upper branch. Finally, after four days, the hen was able to climb the tree. But when the owner of the farm saw the chicken at the head of the tree, he immediately shot him and took him down from the tree.


An empty bully (bull sheet) may take you a lot higher, but you won’t be able to stay there long.


A bird was heading south for the winter. But it was so cold that the bird was freezing in the winter and he landed on a large field. When he was lying in the field, a cow saw his condition and covered him with dung. After a while, the bird felt quite warm. When in the heat of the dung he became very neat, singing with joy. At that time a cat was passing by, listening to the song of the birds and looking for where the sound comes from. After a while, he comes to the dung and immediately digs out the dung and takes the bird out to eat.


1. Not everyone who throws mud at you is your enemy.

2. Not everyone who brings you out of the mess is your friend.

3. And when you are immersed in deep filth, it is better not to open your mouth too much…

Just 5 stories in 5 minutes that will change your outlook



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