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Kusum Dreamy Hell – Part 1

Kusum Dreamy Hell

– “Oops … does that pola kick someone in the mother like this? Doesn’t it hurt to understand mom?”

Kusum said the words while touching her swollen stomach with deep compassion. With a look of indulgence on his face, he raised his ears and stared at her stomach. To hear what her unborn child is saying. It’s a game of his own.

He has been playing this game regularly for the last few months. She talks to her son in her mind. Her son also talks to her. Kusum is still staring curiously to hear something from her son’s mouth.

Kusum Dreamy Hell

He gets no answer.

– “Can’t you talk, boy? Are you angry? Are you hungry? Lagarto talk. I didn’t give you any food in the morning. How can I give it to you?”

In the morning Thaikato, I did not eat anything myself. Which Thai will you eat? ”

Kusum starts talking in her mind. This time he got up from the half bed and slowly sat down. He turned his head and saw the boy in the morning. The boy is sitting next to a railing of the overbridge a little away from him.

Put two packets in front of him. When Kusum arrives at this foot overbridge in Maghbazar in the morning, he sees the boy shortly after.

The boy sat and watched her from where she was now. And Kusum smiled every time she talked to her unborn child. Kusum did not see the boy again at noon. Now he is sitting with two packets again. He did not have the packets in his hand in the morning.

Kusum has been going on for about eight and a half months now. She does not know whether her unborn child is a boy or a girl. But he assumed it would be his son. One of his sons is very fond of!

She has a son. Her father-in-law went to take a bath in the bathroom when he left the boy alone at home. Then he is shouting loudly.

He took a bath and ran out in wet clothes. When the boy got a little older, when he learned to walk, he grabbed his hem and went wherever he went. On a rainy day, she and her husband put their son in the middle and watched Bengali movies in their house.

How many times has he seen such a dream since he learned to understand it in his nineteen years of life? Neither Nishi nor Jagran could make any difference there!

Kusum became upset as soon as she remembered her husband.

“Ah … the poor man is driving a rickshaw in the middle of this river. I will go to eat sometime. Can I feed his new wife properly? Does that Maya know the likes and dislikes of the man?”

Kusum thought to herself. Unbeknownst to him, a sigh came out of him.

The boy is still looking at her. The boy will be nine or ten years old. Wearing a torn red t-shirt and dirty pants. Ugly look.

Kusum called the boy-

– “Come here this pola.” The boy is crawling towards Kusum. Two packets in his hand.

– “Can you call?” The boy is standing in front of Kusum.

Kusum said-

– “You have no work? You have been standing here patiently all day. Can’t you go home?”

– “I don’t have a house.

– “No house? Where do you live, where are your parents?”

– “I don’t have parents.” The boy gave a clear answer.

This boy is a street boy. They don’t have a house like that. Similarly, many parents do not have Mao. And even if they do, they do not look for a child.

These kids work along the way all day. And tired at night, he lay down on one of the sidewalks or at the overbridge or at the railway station.

The big cities of the world have embraced them with the opportunity to sleep in the open space in the port. That’s right, but he’s reluctant to put his head in a small room with four walls under the roof. They do not show that competition!

Kusum Mayavra is looking at the boy. She is very fond of the boy. Suddenly the boy extended a packet in his hand towards Kusum and said-

– “Take this. I’m bringing it for you.”

– “What is this?”

– “Biryani. There was a kulkhani in a house next door. I am bringing a packet talking about you. Do you think you haven’t eaten anything in the morning?”

Kusum’s eyes got wet. This very unfamiliar boy is not showing any sympathy for her. He reached out and took the packet.

– “You eat. I’m bringing your jainya water downstairs.”

After saying this, the boy started walking down the stairs of the overbridge. Tears came to Kusum’s eyes. He opened the packet and began to swallow. She was very hungry. Besides, her unborn child also needs food. After fetching water, Kusum found out the name of the boy. His name was Raju.

Kusum Dreamy Hell

The 2nd episode is coming very soon



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