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Learn about a floating country first in the world

Learn about a floating country first in the world

As the saying goes, life is not successful. if you don’t travel abroad by cruise It’s really 6, though The fun of cruising around the country is different.

This time a floating country is being built near Tahiti on the Pacific Ocean to perpetuate that happiness

This floating country is going to be created by 2020. This country is about to be built just 4900 miles away from Australia.

This country will be fully formed in the next few years there will be hotels, houses, restaurants, and many more in this country PayPal has already started work on building this floating country

This floating country is being created completely differently from the rest of the world. This country will run through its own laws Sistiding Institute 8 opened its mouth about this floating country, He said the company is trying to build about a thousand floating cities by 2050

According to an international media report. this floating country will have its own laws Even in this country dictatorship, will remain absolutely By 2020, the floating country, will cost about 60 million to build The floating country’s buildings are made of bamboo, coconut husk, wood, and plastic.

The French Polynesian government was the first to agree to the plan. This country is going to be built with an area of ​​about 100 acres In this new city with 116 valleys, 2 lakh people can live together

Information and pictures: AP

Learn about a floating country first in the world

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