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Learn the Blogging Basic to Advanced Course module Part-2

Learn the Blogging Basic to Advanced Course module Part-2| How to create a website with Blogger

In today’s tune, I will show you how to create a blog site with, Google’s free platform.

We all know that it doesn’t cost any money to create a website with Blogger, if you want to add a top domain then you can buy a domain and then use it.

And if you don’t have the money to buy a domain in your pocket, you can start with the subdomain that Blogger gives you for life.

The funny thing about Blogger is that you get AdSense approval on subdomains.
They have free extensions of Freenom but AdSense does not give approval.
Then subdomain but AdSense does not give approval.
But Blogger’s subdomain is still getting approval from the very beginning.

I myself but started with the Blogger subdomain in 2016-17.
And later added the top extension.

However, if you create a website with a blogger, you will need a Gmail.
You can control your Blogger site admin panel with Gmail.

So first you enter

Then click on sign in.

And sign in to Blogger with your Gmail.

Then you will be asked to give the title in an empty room in front of you.
Give the title of your website there.

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You will then get a free subdomain for your website, you enter your domain name, see if the domain name has not been taken before, then the green tick mark will show and if not, there will be a cross mark.
Try again with another name.

Then click next with the profile name of your blogger site.

If you have trouble understanding, you can watch the video

Then it will become your blogger site.
You can view your website by clicking View.
It has to look very simple.
Next, we will design.

I am ending here like today.
Videos of the blogging course are uploaded to my channel, you can subscribe

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Stay well.

Learn the Blogging Basic to Advanced Course module Part


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