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Let’s go to Rajendrapur to get a natural touch

Let’s go to Rajendrapur to get a natural touch

From the beginning of creation, a deep connection has been formed between man and nature. Forgetting the fatigue of civic life, he sometimes wants to run to nature. It is this nature that makes your weary mind happy. So people have to run all the time to enjoy the infinite beauty of nature.

If you want to get rid of the monotonous life of the capital, you can run away. Rajendrapur in Gazipur, not far from Dhaka. All around is rich in green forest and lake view. BRAC CDM Resort of BRAC Services Limited (BSL) at the historic Rajendrapur in Gazipur. An ideal place for family outings or corporate outings and meetings. And the cost of travel is within your reach.

Dalton Zaheer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of BSL said. Just an hour away from the capital is the resort of Rajendrapur, which is free from the noise of citizens. The resort has 156 rooms spread over three huge tower buildings.

Let’s go to Rajendrapur to get a natural touch

Of which 56, 46, 44 Super Deluxe Queen Bed and 4 Junior Suites Premium Suites. There is also a 460-seat Lakeview Auditorium. Royal Banquet Hall with 250 seats. 6 conference venues, executive meeting rooms.

There is a neat coffee shop in the style of modern architecture. There is a barbecue outlet on the second floor. Swimming pool just above the banquet hall.
Separate gym for men and women equipped with modern equipment.

Here you will find the necessary materials for yoga exercises.
Opportunity for free cycling in the resort area or boat ride on the lake water for a fixed fee. Sports and other facilities.

It is capable of serving five thousand people at once. Fifty buses can be accommodated in its vast parking area. Besides, about 200 vehicles can be kept in the underground.
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