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Love is everything in life

Love is everything in life

One wife wanted to examine her husband. How much the husband likes her and can live without her.

So she wrote a letter seeking her husband’s reaction – “Look, I’m really upset with you and our life. I don’t want to be with you anymore.

I left for the rest of my life. “The wife wrote the letter and put it on the table. She hid herself under the bed. The husband came home in the evening. When he arrived, the husband first took the letter in his hand. Then he wrote a line in the letter with a pen. He put the letter on the table again.

A few minutes after being burdened with a little sadness, she was suddenly very happy with her husband’s silence. The whistle blew. Dhamaka left the song and started dancing. Then he brought the telephone set on the bed.

After fetching, her husband called one of his girlfriends. On the phone he says to the edge “Today my troubles are automatically removed from my life. Darling you will be the same in my life as before. My wife will no longer be tied between us. You will come to my house any time.”

Baby, I can’t live without you. “After talking for so long.

The husband left the phone and went out of the house laughing.

Maybe he went to fetch his girlfriend on that side of the phone or someone else.

Meanwhile, his wife came out from under the bed crying. She had been living with her husband for so long.

Suddenly she thought, see what her husband is writing in the letter. So he hurried to the table and picked up the letter. She opened the fold of the letter and took out her husband’s writing. The one line that the husband is writing is –

Good thing you left my life, but why are your feet visible from under the bed.

I went out to get eggs. What do you mean?


Love is everything in life


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