Love story

A fictional love story based on true events

A fictional love story based on true events

1. Sabina is waiting in the living room. Literally, he has to get an ear when the calling bell rings, Rafiq returns home. His time is not wasted, the waiting moments seem unbearable. There is no one at home, he, even Rafiq knows there will never be a better opportunity.

2. – Sabina, Sabina! Where did you go?

– Uncle is coming, wait a minute.

– I got a call from the village. My father is very ill. Your aunt and I are going to Faridpur. Rahima’s mother is the one who went and Elona. You see this side.

Yes, Sabina sees almost everything in the house. Uncle Adil is not one of his own, uncle of distant relationship. She came to study nursing in Dhaka and stayed at their house. After finishing the nursing course, she also joined a hospital as a nurse. With no parents, she is unlikely to change her address before marriage. Not that he’s a “fao” here. He does almost all the work himself, starting from the tuk-tuk of the house. Chhua Bua Rahima’s mother comes only once, at noon. So Sabina has to do most of the housework.

A fictional love story based on true events

3. Sabina has heard the name of AIDS a lot, read it in books. In the village, their house had a TV in their brother’s house. His relationship with Bhabhi was quite bad, at best. So he had the opportunity to watch the newly bought 14-inch color television at home in Kalevadra. But after coming to Dhaka, he knew very well what “AIDS” is, including movies and TV ads. The scope of this knowledge has increased while doing nursing courses, and I have also had to take care of AIDS patients directly. Six months ago, an HIV-positive lady died at their hospital.

4. When Sabina first came to Dhaka, it seemed like a blessing to her. Brother and brother’s wife did not physically abuse him, but they were not his own. Adil’s uncle and aunt never bothered him, not even looking at him with a small eye. They love him – it wouldn’t be wrong to say that. Another loved him in Dhaka; Rafiq. Modern boy studying in university. At first, there was a distance between them. That is normal. But later the distance decreases. As the years go by, the distance between them decreases dramatically. Then in the last year of Rafiq University. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Rafiq loved him!

5. Rafiq finished reading. You don’t have to get a job very fast. Sabina is dreaming then, of the world. One day, after returning home from the hospital, Sabina went to her aunt’s house. Rafiq is talking to his aunt. He stopped while he was thinking of entering the house.

– Yes, mother, when you want to get married, why bother?

– Do you have any choice? Your father said …

Sabina was out of breath then. I could not move from there. It is not right to listen to someone in secret like this. Yet this is someone else’s word. This is his future!

– No, I have no choice. You guys look …

Sabina’s world shook. No, he heard wrong. This cannot happen. No !!

. Uncle and aunt went to the market that day. Uncle Adil likes to do the home market with his own hands once a week. The two of them drove to Mohammadpur market.

– Rafiq …

– Hmm!

– Why didn’t you tell us about your aunt?

Tears welled up in Sabina’s eyes and her throat trembled. Rafiq steps forward towards Sabina, hugs her gently. Sabina increases the pressure on the body. He wants to outdo himself. But …

Rafiq is sweating, sweat all over his body. He says as he arranges his clothes-

– Don’t tell anyone to be careful. And to say that is your insult. Do you think your parents will accept you?

– No, Nick. You could tell.

– We just gave each other some good times. Where is the fault? If you want, I will get you the next day.

Sabina wants to stop the trembling of her body by wiping her eyes. Her whole body is gurgling with hatred. She is unclean. Rafiq leaves the house.

. – Has anyone come with you?

– No!

– Please calm down. Positive. You are definitely HIV-positive. How can you tell?

No, Sabina didn’t say anything to the doctor. His name and address were all wrong. There is no point in telling a doctor about a patient who died of HIV and a syringe of blood taken from his body.

. Sabina is waiting for Rafiq. A smile on his face …

A fictional love story based on true events
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