Love story

Love story-blue silence

Love story-blue silence

Time: 2041. The time on the clock is a little over 11:30 in the morning.
Location: One of the elite shopping malls in Dhaka.
Mr. Shuvro will buy a sari. For his daughter. Jamdani sari. Send on daughter’s birthday. This shop has been going around that shop for a long time. But you can’t buy the sari of your choice yet. He has bought many saris before. For the wife, for the daughter. For the lover. This has not happened before.
Maybe with age, the brain is taking away its ability to make decisions. Who knows .. !!
However, after traveling a lot and not being able to buy anything, he decided that having a cup of coffee might be beneficial.
The food corners are full of young men and women walking. The only look of joy in their eyes. One day I also have so much time
Spent. How many friends there were. Who’s where today! He sighed and sipped his cup of coffee. It’s noon. Time on mobile phone
Saw. Time 12:55 minutes. In search of that sari again, this shop started wandering around that shop.
A shopkeeper is showing one sari after another to Mr. Shuvro. Nah !! I haven’t got a sari-like mind yet. The voice of a middle-aged woman sitting in the side seat grabbed his attention. The voice sounds familiar. He looked back. Hmmm, people you know.

– How are you? facebook

– Ummmm 6.
– I don’t know. That the hair, mustache has turned white.
Mr. Shuvro laughed out loud.
– White !! OMG!
– Yes. What are you doing here? I do not see your husband?
– I was looking for a sari for myself. But not being liked.
Shuvro: Can I help?
Flood: How?
Shuvro: I like it?
Flood: You can give. Mucchi said with a smile.
Shuvro: Where can I not see your husband?
Flood: He is a very busy man. That’s all there is to his business.
White: Hmm 6.
Flood: Where! Don’t you like sari? (Smile)
Shuvro: Sorry. That’s it. Ummmmm .. I see that black sari.

Said the shopkeeper. Love story-blue silence

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. You can take it.
Flood: That black !! Haha ha, I don’t understand that the ghost of black color has come down from your head yet? Ha haha
White: But you still have a black tip on your forehead. Well, leave it at that.
Flood: How long after we meet. Not after how long. Many years
Shuvro: Yes, a break of 27 years in the middle.
Flood: OMG !! Where are you now What is your news?
Shuvroh standing here to say? Wouldn’t it be nice to sit somewhere and talk?
Flood: Why not !! Come on. I go to the coffee shop. For a long time, I did not hang out on the 26th road.
Shuvra: The old woman’s hangout. Not bad. Let’s go then. Ha ha ha
Flood: Tell the driver to get out of the car?
White: No. What will be the problem if I go to my car?

Flood: No !! Come on then.

White and flood. The two sit face to face. A cup of washed coffee in front.
Flood: Tell me, how are you? How are you How is the day going? How is your wife What are the kids doing?
Shuvro: How can I answer so many questions together?!?!
Flood: Tell me, how is your family? I see your glasses
It is growing like a worm. Hee hee hee
Shuvro: There is only one daughter to say, family. Yet I do not have.
In Canada. Her husband and they have a baby. Age 1-year Perulo.
Flood: Your wife?
White: No. He is no more.
Flood: What does no mean?!?
Shuvro died on December 15, 2033.
Flood: Sorry. I’m really sorry. I increased your suffering.
Shuvro: No, no. Whatever happens, will happen. This is the law of nature.

Flood: Where are you now?

Shuvro: In Mirpur. There is a small flat there. I’m there.
Flood: Stay Alone?
White: Yes.
Flood: Your daughter doesn’t come to see you.
White: Yes. Comes. Visits once a year. Stays busy. Husband,
Family, with the baby. When the time comes, he comes running to me. The girl has gone crazy.
Flood: What did it look like? Do you have any pictures of him right now?
There is white. Showing. The girl’s son-in-law, the child and Arshi are showing pictures on the mobile phone.
Bonya: I see the daughter is a photocopy of her father. How cute.
Shuvro: No, he has become like his mother. As beautiful as Lakshi is.
Well how are you
Flood: I have one son and one daughter. Happy family. The boy is older. The girl is small. The boy is working in a private bank. And this time the girl will give BBA final. And there is the husband and business. Love story-blue silence

White: Wow. Really happy family. I pray you are happier.

Flood: This !! You didn’t call me before !! Why are you talking now?
Shuvro: You have become a mother of two children. It’s time to marry the boy.
How does it sound to call the old woman! So I’m not calling. However, you too
Call me you. You may have forgotten.
Flood: Don’t forget. Are those days like forgetting?
Shuvro: Hmm, that’s right. Yet so many years have passed in the middle. When
I did not understand the days that passed.
Flood: Yes, it is.
White: The fingers of your hand still look the same as before.
Flood: Hee hee hee hee: In old age, love is sitting in the air again?
Shuvro: Oh no, tell me what. But it was very good to tell you. Thank u so much…
Flood: Yes. No need to give thanks. If you can, tell me. I will be happier with that.
White: Damn! No habit. Well, I will try.
Ha ha ha
Let’s get out of here. Let’s go somewhere outside. Love story-blue silence

Flood: Where to go? Let’s go to the park and sit down. Ramnapark.

Shuvra: Let’s get up then.
Let’s sit on that bench.
White: Hmm.
Flood: How many years later here. Looks very white. He put his hand in Shuvra’s hand. He immediately removed his hand.
Shuvra: I understand you are ashamed?
Ha ha ha, it is a shame to hold the old man’s hand.
Flood: I don’t understand your monkey type yet – you can too.
Shuvro: Everything is possible
Flood: I was very surprised. How did you know me after so many years ?? !!
Shuvro: You may have forgotten. How do you find me if I ever get lost? And I used to say, I will find you in the crowd of a thousand faces. Maybe today

That’s what happened. He took off his glasses from his white eyes and wiped his eyes. The flood is looking at the white one for a moment.

White: Can you smoke a cigarette? Although I have not smoked in front of any girl mamash since that day. The day you said, the boys who smoke in front of the girls are impersonal.
Flood: Eat. No problem. If you can’t quit smoking anymore. What happens if you don’t play?
White: Nothing. Again a lot.
Bonya: Well, you came to buy a sari for that girl, but you didn’t buy that?
Shuvro: I will buy.
Flood: Oh.
Shuvro: I see that your hair is also twisted. Ha ha ha
Flood: You’re old and I don’t understand? What a fool. Hee hee hee
The clouds in the sky are getting thicker. It will rain.
Flood: White, let’s soak in the rain today .. It will rain now.
Shuvro: Oh no !! People will say crazy. Do we have that age or not !!
Flood: I will not listen to anything. It’s raining cats and dogs. White and
The flood is walking side by side. Shuvro unknowingly took the flood into his own hands
Closed to the palate. The flood only looked at Shuvro once. Then just walk and walk. The flood is singing over and over again.

“If your heart cries, come away, come away in a rain.” ”

Shuvro is fascinated and is listening to the song. The song is his favorite. The flood knows that. So maybe singing. For Shuvra. Maybe.
Flood: The afternoon is coming. We should go. I told the driver to come in front of Ramnapark. From here
I’m leaving.
White: Hmm. I’m leaving too. Thank you very much Time for me
To give.
Flood: Are you making it smaller with thanks?
Shuvro: Not at all.
Love story-blue silence

The driver of the flood car has arrived. I have to go now.

Flood: White, then go today. When will I see you again?
White: One day. On such a day.
Flood: Give me your phone number.
White: No. I don’t want any communication between us.
That would be good for both of you and me.
Flood: Do whatever you want. Healy could no longer reduce.
White: Go. There are more than drivers.
Flood: Yes, I’m going. Take this.
Shuvro: What is it? Sari. Black sari. It’s from me for your daughter. If he has the courage, tell him that the saree was given to him by his mother.
Shuvro: All right. He listened to you. My daughter could have been her mother who knows very well.

Flood: You told him everything, didn’t you?

White: Hmm. My friend says there is only one. My daughter. I share all my happiness and sorrow with him. It is difficult to look at the face of the dead girl. You know, Raisa knew about you too. But he never did this
He did not ask me any negative questions. That’s good. Raisa is my wife’s name.
Shuvro could not hide his tears as he said the words.
Bonya removed the glasses from Shuvra’s eyes with both hands and wiped them.
He wiped his glasses with the hem of his sari.
And the glasses were again wrapped between Shuvro’s two ears.
Flood: Please don’t cry. You cried but now I will cry too. With this, the flood began to burst into tears.
Shuvroh hey fool, where am I crying! What a sight in the eyes. So the water was falling. Why are you crying
Come here. I delete. Shuvro placed his hands on the two cheeks of the flood and wiped away the flood tears with his two thumbs.
Flood: This!
I remember what to say to the girl!
White: Huh. I will say, no mother, you could have been the one who sent your birthday present.
Flood: Good boy. Hee hee hee hee boy no. Old ha ha ha
Shuvro smiled and said, it’s time for you to leave. The poor driver is waiting.
Flood: Yes. Going. If you do not say when we will meet again!
Shuvro: I told you. One day.


The flood is going away with a lot of frustration. White

Bonya got in the car and waved goodbye to Shuvro.

The car is leaving. Shuvro is standing alone on the empty road and watching him leave again.
The pictures of those 26 years ago seem to be becoming clear in front of my eyes. That’s how it went that day. Will he ever return today?

Maybe not. Maybe or yes. Shuvra’s eyes got wet again as he matched his yes and no’s accounting. But there is no one left to wipe the eyes. Was not. There won’t be. He just said in his mind, be good wherever you are…

Love story-blue silence
8:15 p.m. The picture of Raiser hanging on the wall as soon as he enters the white room
Went forward. Said, are you all right?
The land phone of the house is ringing. Shuvro did not receive it. The mobile phone rang. Didn’t pick that up either.
Arshi needs to be given a phone call. Don’t stay. I will not say now. I will say the day I give the sari to him.
I went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea and drank it. Feeling a little better now. After a long time, it got wet in the rain. So the head was quiet.
Shuvro is listening to music now. Listening to music in a soft voice.
“If your heart cries, come away, come away in a rain.” ”Love story-blue silence


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