Love story

Love story red rose

Love story red rose

‘Well, can you be so stingy?’

‘What happened to Kipter?’

“You went for a walk with two girls, don’t you know the boys bear all the expenses?”

‘Listen, this is the end of the month. If you suddenly ask to go around, you can’t go anymore.

Then he went with you. And you already share!

What’s the problem? ‘

Love story red rose

‘Well, can your father be stingy?’

‘Can my father be stingy?’

Jovan is the son of a middle-class family. He does not take extra expenses from home for his own needs. Again, he does not earn money by himself, who will fulfill his hobbies as well as his girlfriend’s hobbies.

A few hours later, around 9 pm, when Jovan calls Prema …

The first time he called and he didn’t receive the call, Prema, when Jovan dialed again, the call was waiting.

Jovan doesn’t call anymore. Even Premar doesn’t get any phone back.

The next day,

‘How many phone calls did I make last night? Can’t you receive the call?’

I was talking to my sister! ‘

‘Have you been talking to your sister for an hour?’

‘Yes! I did not go around tomorrow, so what else! Who did I go with … what did I do!

I talked to my mother for a long time later.

Jovan has to believe the incredible things!

‘Could you back up later?

Uh, I wanted to back up the phone, but there was no balance on the phone. ‘

The girl who doesn’t have the money to talk on the phone for a minute doesn’t know how to call a boy or even her father stingy, Jovan. She kept quiet and prepared to watch the next part of the play.

Prema suddenly moved on to another topic,

‘Listen, isn’t February 29 coming ?? You will give me 29 roses that day. ‘

Jovan said, ’29 o’clock? Where can I get so many roses? ‘

‘Where do you mean ?? Or ‘

Joan sighed and said, ‘I’ll try!’

‘Listen, on the morning of the 29th, let the roses bloom!’

But is it possible for Jovan to give 29 roses at all? Where will he get 29 roses?

And its market value or how much?

It must be at least one hundred and five!

He can’t afford to buy roses. The money he had was spent a few days ago on a trip with Prema and his girlfriend. Now he’s running the day on the rest, borrowing, crouching. He may not have money to buy roses.

One thing is for sure and that is a tender heart full of love. Thousands of young women end their lives in search of that heart.

But ignorant girls like Prema don’t value this heart to have time, when they understand there is nothing left to do.

Jovan still collects as many roses as he can, whether he buys them or steals them from the garden in the middle of the night!

On the morning of February 29, it was not possible for Jovan to give the roses to Prema.

He didn’t show up with Prema that day. He didn’t even talk on the phone!

They met on the morning of March 1! Agnimurti Prema sits with a sullen face.

Jovan goes to her, tries to talk but Prema doesn’t say anything.

If he takes a rose wrapped in white paper and gives a thank you. That paper didn’t have 29 roses, but 29 rose petals were right!

The anger of love grows more instead of decreasing, the anger that can not be broken in any way Jovan, finally Jovan stops talking from the next day.

Someone even stopped pronouncing someone’s name.

Prema thought that the more she hurt Jovan, the more Jovan would accept her allegiance.

But the idea of ​​love was wrong. Instead of being loyal to Prema, Prema’s behavior led to anger, resentment, and hatred. And the result is that.

What the two had been avoiding for so long, they started doing now. For example, Prema didn’t like Jovan talking to other girls!
Jovan didn’t want to talk or take pictures with Prema and other boys in the same way.

Second, Prema wanted Jovan not to talk to anyone else on the phone! That’s exactly what Jovan wanted.

But when the two of them transform into strangers, where?

Prema started chatting with the worst and ugliest boys in the class. He never mentioned their names. Even Prema started a new relationship in two days!

The girl who has never had a relationship in her life, after which Jovan responded like a donkey after half a year and less (25%).
He started having a relationship with a senior brother in two days. He even started dating in different places or parks.

Avoiding Jovan in class, he started talking to other boys!

He used to behave in such a way that any lover would be heartbroken to see him.

But none of this happened to Jovan! Because in those days only hatred was created in him.

And so Joan and Jr. started talking to a girl to avenge her and spread the word to friends. He is starting a new relationship! Except for Prema, all the other girls Jovan didn’t talk to. He started talking to them, listening to Prema.

That means Joanne did everything she could to hurt Prema.

No one even said a word in front of anyone. But invisibly they were going on a huge nerve war! No one will know, will not understand, but two human hearts will be destroyed!

Two months later,

Prema couldn’t find a solution to this nerve war. She realized that what she had done with Jovan was wrong.

In the meantime, his new relationship and breakup have begun. Then Prema thought Jovan was perfect for her.

But it is too late in those days. Jovan has learned to hate, forgetting to love Prema. This hatred is not to be removed, it is not possible to turn into love!

Love story red rose



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