Love story

Me and the novel. What if I were a love novel?

Well Nivedita, what if I were a love novel?

Waking up at night to read me in the dim light of the phone with a Kantha cover. Read with deep attention. Exclude one or two lines in the middle and move to another line. After reading several lines, two lines have been omitted to understand. On those two lines to go back again with annoyance.

Reading the most emotional line of the seventh page would create a small fountain of salt water in your eyes. A drop of salt water rolled down your cheek at the sound of a line. You go to delete the water to delete the word! The place of the deleted word would have been blue later. Just like the way your tears made a teenager blue.

Me and the novel. What if I were a love novel?

The twenty-sixth page contains the most beautiful line of the novel. There is no refuge in this line of emotion. A line of real religion. This is a line that expresses your lifestyle. The line is to write carefully in the yellow notebook given by a teenager.
Every line you touch with your fingers. I could feel your warm touch. It would be nice if it was a novel! Mark with your fingers and come to the sixty-sixth page to read and laugh like a baby girl.

This page is successful. I would be fascinated by your beautiful smile.
This is how the novel would have ended between laughter and tears and your touch. You say with tears in your eyes! If the novel had been a little bigger.
You leave the book in a corner of negligence and go to sleep. Exactly seven days later, the book was swallowed up by the dust of the city. The sound of the blue space will remain the same. As if the teenage boy is left! After many days you will pick up the book. Carefully remove the dust and sand will start to fall.

The deleted blue word in line number seven on the seventh page will come to a halt. Want to remember the word. But do not remember! The annoyance of not being able to remember will throw the book away again.

Yes, thank you…

Me and the novel. What if I were a love novel?



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