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Namchi is the land of holy, soothing and healing spring

Namchi is the land of holy, soothing and healing spring

Sikkim is a state in northeastern India. Namchi is shining like a jewel of the cities of the state. Food, traditional handicrafts, and beautiful places can be found here. If you are a travel enthusiast, Namchi is an ideal place. For those who are coming here for the first time, there is the right advice. Namchi contains all the famous monasteries of the monks, springs, and water capable of curing diseases. The mind will want to stay here forever.

1. Baichung Bhutia

A stadium and sports complex is being built in his name in honor of this famous Indian footballer. The state government took up this task several years ago. You can see the place.

2. Nagadak Monastery

On the way from Rock Garden, don’t forget to visit Nakadak Monastery. Just 2 kilometers from Namchi town. This monastic monastery is just 15 minutes away from Kolkata Hotel. Work on the monastery began during the reign of Chogyal Gaiyurmed Namgaiyal in the 16th century. The taste of ancient spiritualism will be found here.

3. On the way to the Rock Garden

The Rock Garden is on the way to Namchi from Samudraputs. Its path and its surroundings are full of heavenly beauty. You will be amazed to see the water, the path, the nature here. And if you go first, there is no question.

4. In the depths of Far-sa-chu

Far-sa-chu means ‘hot spring’ on both banks of the Rangita river. It is the language of Sikkim. If you want to lose yourself in the mind-blowing Far-Sa-Chu spring, you have to go there. The softness and purity of nature prevails here. Tourists come to see the full spring between January and March. It is believed that the water here is very useful in curing various skin diseases, bone joint pains and various ailments. This region is one of the wonders of nature.

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