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Neymar told Argentina supporters to go to hell

Neymar told Argentina supporters to go to hell

The azure-blue Argentina trophy has not been won for almost 26 years. The team’s best star Lionel Messi has played in the finals of four major tournaments. But he could not lift the title once. Even for Messi, the Brazilians themselves are expecting Argentina to win the Copa America this time.

However, Brazilian superstar Neymar is quite unhappy with the expectation of another team to leave his country. Says, those who are against Brazil even if they are Brazilians go to hell.

On Friday (July 9), the best star of the Brazilian team expressed his anger in a post on his Instagram account. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” I am Brazilian this is the identity of my pride. Not just the game.

In any case, I have never taken a stand against Brazil. I’ve always wanted to play for Brazil and be the mother of fans.

Those who become Brazilians are wishing Argentina victory. This star wrote unhappy with them. Those of us Brazilians can’t think of anything but a prayer for Brazil’s victory. I respect those who oppose it.
But you go to hell.

Brazil and Argentina are in the heat of battle for the Copa America final. Among the Brazilian and Argentine fans spread all over the world. Many Brazil fans also believe that Argentina won the Copa America for Messi. It has been seen to say so.

Neymar told Argentina supporters to go to hell


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