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Nine unknown facts on Facebook

Nine unknown facts on Facebook

We are using Facebook every moment But there is some information about it that we do not know For example, in 2009, the use of Facebook was banned in China. There is a lot of unknown information about Facebook. Which will surprise you.

Fourteen years ago, the most used site revolutionized the net world Demand has increased with the passage of time. However, the release did not match, and had to be read in the face of harsh criticism.

However, that is why the popularity has not waned The company has brought updated features to meet the needs of the users Which has again attracted users

1) Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook But many may not know. It is never possible to block Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook

2) The ‘unfriend’ option of Facebook is responsible for the death of many people

3) The site is giving the user the opportunity to use the language of their choice

4) There are still about 30 million dead user accounts on Facebook

5) ‘A slap when you turn on Facebook.’ Such a strange instruction was given by a blogger. Or did he hire a woman for the job?

6) Every day about 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked.

7) History remains on Facebook even after logging out What sites the user is visiting every day, it all stays on Facebook

8) The trend of uploading statuses on Facebook has been going on for a long time But, did you know that one in three people have expressed dissatisfaction with their lives after visiting Facebook?

9) Another interesting incident happened around the fake account on Facebook Where a woman is imprisoned for 20 minutes His crime was to create a fake account and send abusive messages to the account himself.



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