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No need for lamp posts to light the street cement now!

No need for lamp posts to light the street cement now!

As evening approached, darkness descended on the capital Dhaka. Then the roads and alleys became very impassable and unsafe. But there are two city corporations to keep this land of 20 million people bright, active and safe. The city’s lampposts are supposed to light up at noon.

The people in charge of the city corporation are trying to get rid of the fear of darkness by lighting the lights. But the light does not shine.

The lampposts stand dead. The kingdom of darkness leads to the wicked. It is a constant companion of Dhaka.

But no city will be dark at night. Lampposts lined the streets, their days are almost over. That’s what scientists at the University of Michoacan in Mexico have indicated. They have recently discovered a type of cement from which light is emitted. Cement at light scattering will be used experimentally in road construction.

Initially, this special cement emits only blue and green colors. This cement will last for at least 100 years.

Scientists claim that the cement will absorb sunlight during the day. Will return that light after sunset. Even the level of light can be controlled.

One of the scientists said. Jose Carlos Rubio. He said that when cement is made, it is initially converted into eighteen substances. At that time it has some crystalline particles inside it.

By separating those particles, it is possible to make cement by retaining about eighteen gel substances. This allows the gel to absorb sunlight for up to 12 hours and emit as needed.

Dr. Rubio said they started work on the project 9 years ago. As a result of this discovery, they have already been congratulated from various quarters. Because they are taking the world to a new horizon.

No need for lamp posts to light the street cement now!
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