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Oldest rain forest ‘Taman Negara’ Malaysia

Oldest rain forest ‘Taman Negara’ Malaysia

Can you tell me where the oldest rain forest in the world is located? The first thing you can think of is Amazon. But you are wrong.

Of course, many make this mistake. Taman Negara of Malaysia is 130 million years old! Taman Negara in Malay literally means ‘National Park’. This forest covers the entire 4343 km. Which has created a different appeal to world tourists. The experience of traveling in the world’s oldest rain forest will be different.

It is also beautiful. You can take a boat around through it. A magical serenity will overwhelm you as you navigate the boat. However, to get the whole taste of the region, you have to trek along the mountain path.

You have to walk through the jungle. There are more caves. You can run all these campaigns. There are many exciting activities including fishing, camping, walking in the forest environment at night.

As soon as you enter the rain forest you will want to explore all around.

There is no obstacle in this. You can enjoy the old nature up close. You will see many species of animals there.

There are thick-billed pigeons, blue-yard barbet, Asian fairy-bluebird, blue-winged leafbird, green broadbill, rhinoceros hornbill, and yellow-pointed flowerpecker. If you go in June or July, you will have the opportunity to observe the royal Argus.

There are many treks in the forest. There are also ways to spend 9 days effortlessly. However, it is a matter of physical challenge. The most enjoyable would be a night trip to a safari park. There are many flowers that bloom at night. There are some algae burning. It looks like a realm of fantasy.

If you visit Taman Negara, never miss the Canopy Walk. Although thousands, it is the longest canopy walk in the world which is 530 meters long and 40 meters wide. Although a little scary at first.

But it is great to be able to overcome fear. In the early stages, snakes are a cause of fear. But you will get the rhythm back soon. In this way, you will get a 360-degree view of the forest.

This is a rain forest but a tribal kingdom called Kampung Orang Asli.

They can be reached by boat from a short distance. On a small island live two tribes, the Batek and the Semokberry. You can see the life of their nomadic nature face to face. You can see how they live, how they make weapons of prey.

All in all, going to Taman Negara will be a vivid memory for the rest of his life. It takes 3 and a half to 4 hours by car from Kuala Lumpur. Apart from that, you can reach Kuala Tahan Jetty by water from Kuala Tambling. From there it is another two and a half to three hours to Taman Negara.

Oldest rain forest ‘Taman Negara’ Malaysia

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