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One person holds the world record with bookdon

One person holds the world record with bookdon

A person is giving a bookdon. Continuing with. He went through the bookdon for an hour straight. And this one hour video image has become a topic of discussion after being uploaded on YouTube.

According to NDTV, the name of this person who lives in Australia is Carlton Williams. Age 52 years. He has set a new world record with Bookdon. Of course, he also had the old record. In 2015, he wrote his first name in the Guinness Book of World Records with 2,220 bookdons in one hour. This year, Carlton broke that record with 2,072 bookdons in 60 minutes.

Carlton is a construction worker by profession. “I did it to prove that I am the best,” he said.

As a rule, Carlton Williams had to keep his hands on the floor when his whole body was down. Again the elbow could not be bent more than 90 degrees. Carlton has been able to stop and rest for a short time while giving bookdon. However, the clock did not stop for this. The whole thing has been calculated.

Many people on YouTube have been surprised by Carlton’s tumultuous affair with Bookdon. Some have even laughed. One person commented on the video’s post, “This man’s mental and physical abilities are not normal.” Another wrote, “Hmm … which one is more tiring?” Giving a bookdown, or watching a video of giving a bookdown for an hour? ‘

One person holds the world record with bookdon


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