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Picoworkers: Make hundreds of dollars a month doing small freelancing jobs

Picoworkers: Make hundreds of dollars a month doing small freelancing jobs

Assalamu Alaikum Binoraj people. I hope everyone is well by the grace of God. Today’s post is mainly for those who have given up the hope of online income by not being able to earn the expected money by working on various sites online. And if you are a student and want to earn extra income besides studying, then this post is special for you.

In today’s post, we will learn about a micro job freelancing site where you can easily earn enough money by working.

More than a month ago today, I went online and found a website called Picoworkers. After knowing the details about this site on YouTube and various blogs, I also started working on the site. Since I am a very lazy person, my income could not exceed  10 at the end of the month. But if you do different things on this site sometime every day, then, believe me, your income can exceed  20$ per month!


What? Can’t believe it? Well, you don’t have to believe me. If you look at some reviews of Picoworkers on YouTube or Google, then you will understand. I have already said many things in a hurry. Then let’s not exaggerate.

 Some information about picoworkers

This site is basically a freelancing site. Simply put, micro job freelancing sites. In other words, here you can earn money by doing small things online for people from different countries. Many people in Bangladesh are already in a good position on this site. Withdrawals can be made for a minimum of ৭ 5.75. Earned dollars can be withdrawn via Bitcoin, PayPal or Skrill.

  • The site is 100% legit. You will find a lot of information about this on the internet. Every day thousands of people work on this website. So there is no reason to think it is a lie or a scam.

➥ Now I don’t see the types of work

A variety of jobs are available here. For example: creating Gmail, viewing YouTube videos, signing up on a site with a referral code. Visiting the website and so on.

Employers from different countries post such jobs in the form of jobs on Picoworkers. You will receive payment only if you can perform the work properly as per his instructions and submit the proof of work. Dollars will be credited to your account.

Unlike other freelancing sites you don’t have to bid here. 100 to 1000 people can do a job at the same time.

Suppose someone needs 1000 Gmail. He will post the job on Picoworkers and submit the email one by one. Hope you understand. Even if you don’t understand, there is no problem. You will gradually understand everything while working.

How do I work at Picoworkers?

1. First go to this link => Sign Up – Picoworkers

2. Then click on Sign Up to create an account immediately. It’s a simple process, anyone can, so I didn’t go into details.

3. Then a page like the below will come up.


4. Now click on a job that you think you can do from here.


5. Read carefully how to do the work. If you can do it, do it. Because if you do wrong, the buyer will not pay. The reverse can report to your account.

6. Once the work is done, you will have to submit the required proofs of the work properly.


. Diameter, one of your tasks will be done properly. Now just waiting for payment. Maximum buyer pays in 3-4 days.

So far today. I tried to explain as much as I could. However, if anyone has any information, be sure to leave a comment in the comment box. And if you want, I will post a separate post about working at Picoworkers. All will be well. God bless you.

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