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Powerless air conditioners without money ‘AC brawl in the world

Powerless air conditioners without money ‘AC brawl in the world

Bangladeshi inventor Ashish Pal has made an air-conditioning device or AC without electricity. He has invented a great technique to keep the house cool by using only discarded bottles. This device for cooling the air is called ‘eco-cooler’ or eco-friendly cooler. News from Yahoo News.

The common people of the village can reduce the heat of the house by using this cooler without electricity up to 5 degrees centigrade than usual.

Science Ashish Pal Ashish Pal is the Creative Supervisor of the international advertising agency Gray. The idea of ​​making ‘eco-cooler’ first settled in the minds of science-minded people.

Experimental work to bring this technology to the villages began in March 2015. A group of 15 people including Ashish Pal went to a village in Nilphamari district. This time Grameen is associated with Grameen-Intel.

Then the two organizations chose the village of Padmapar in Daulatdia of Rajbari. Now the work of installing the device is going on in different houses of that village.

Piyush Kumar Roy of Bargachha village in Domar Upazila of Nilphamari district said. I have been using eco-coolers for months. The device keeps the house much cooler than the outside temperature.

Inventor Ashish Pal said he visited a ‘Hawa Mahal’ in Rajasthan, India a few years ago. One thing about that palace made him think a lot.

He also said that how the air enters through the mud of the palace and cools the inside. At that time he could not find any scientific explanation. But since then the matter has been spinning in his head.

Spend the day in daily busyness. Ashish Pal doesn’t go much further with the issue. But one small incident in one day brings the search for light.

One day a teacher was teaching physics to his daughter at home. How the gas cools as a result of pressure. This is what he was talking about.

The subject makes him very enthusiastic. I have been thinking about that for so long. Ashish Pal got a lot of answers.

Ashish shared his thoughts with the colleagues of the organization. For this purpose, the structure of the house made of tin is made in the office. The test is then run to understand how effective it is.

Then they also worked on various aspects of innovation on the roof of the house of Niketan Housing Society in the capital. Based on the success they got there, they started on the path of ‘eco-cooler’ project. So far, this eco-cooler has been installed in 25,000 houses.

This innovative invention of Ashish Pal has spread all over the world with the help of international newspapers. The French television network France 24 has three television channels broadcast in French, English, and Arabic.

In addition to television broadcasts, they have web portals in all three languages. There is a website ‘Observer’ to express opinions on contemporary issues of the world.

On June 2, news of the invention of an eco-friendly cooler using plastic bottles was published on their website. Not only in this French media, but the video made on the method of making eco-cooler has also spread all over the world through Facebook, YouTube, and eco-cooler websites. And so far this video has been viewed more than 6 lakh times.

Powerless air conditioners without money ‘AC brawl in the world


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