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Quarrel and love … the medium is a pink umbrella

Quarrel and love … the medium is a pink umbrella

As soon as I got off the rickshaw at Nilkhet More, I got wet, my head and body were covered with ice thrown from the sky. This is the father in the terrible rain. I ran the mobile phone into my pocket.

No squeezing of the shops in front of the destination. Through which the cloudy sky can not be seen. Running and looking at the chips around. Why is the population of this country so high, I read when I was a child …

Since there are not enough entertainment tools, sex is the occasion for entertainment. But there is still a lack of entertainment. Why is the population so high? You have to write a comprehensive article on it in the blog, before that you have to save yourself.

It seems to be a bit light in a shop, let’s go that way … the rest is up to you.

– Getaway, stupid.

I turned my head and looked back, a pair of simple eyes through thick black-framed glasses, lips trembling with anger, light tomato brand red cheeks on cheeks.

– Auntie any problem ??

– This naughty boy, do I look like your aunt?

– Hmm, what’s the matter, Auntie?

– Hey Beyadap, why are you doing anti-anti? If the wet body is not removed, it will be slapped.

Father of the same girl, you are doing it directly. The mood became more tense.

– That girl, I’m your driver, are you?

A sister came forward saying “Apu no problem”. I looked up and saw that Beta was a wrestler. The situation is unfavorable.

– Hey, don’t look, Beyadapata is being rude. I said, move away … Ulta is fighting with me. Stupid one.

– Brother, when you see a girl, your head doesn’t feel, right? Deikha seems to be the pola of a polite house. Saira stands here, otherwise, there is a problem. What a waste of time.

– You put oil on your wheel, I could not get in, you can see that the body is wet, and a little water is dripping, that’s why he has to call me stupid?

I tried to take a look that was as hard and variable as possible. There didn’t seem to be again. Anyone who sees a girl tries to dress up as a hero, and so many wrestlers … three times as much as me. So I moved away slowly. With a little reluctance. I gave a hard look to the girl.

There was not much profit there either. The fly flew me across the river. I started to spend uncomfortable time there like Hadaram with a wet body. Feeling mildly cold. The body seems to be trembling a little.

After a while, the rain came light. I was wondering if I would go out, then the girl got angry again – “Stand away, I will go out.” Anyway, I have been promoted directly from you. The girl is not bad, the mood seems a little hot. Baap seems to be the village chairman … This kind of Baap’s daughters are a bit like this. I moved away.

Quarrel and love … the medium is a pink umbrella

When I went out in front, I got a fragrance of that quality in my nose. Ah, the anger washed away and became sweet water. I saw it a little better, the white girl of the green country … Sundari will say that even if she is crazy.

I will turn around and stand. At the same time, I looked back with a lot of laughter … Chairman’s daughter is rolling in the garbage in the street. A banana peel filled to the brim with the shape of the Eid moon has witnessed the history of its fall.

Along with many others, I also went to help the chairman’s daughter. The girl is human, so someone is hesitant to lift her hand … And Betty doesn’t have glasses, I don’t think she can see anything. Strange situation.

“Look, Saran, brother, Saran … look at his glasses, where are you” … I went ahead. Seeing Maya, it seems that she can’t see anything without glasses. And the body is going to cry because of the response. People are watching the drama in a circle … Some people don’t want to miss such a fun opportunity to see the body. I held my hand lightly, put my face close to my ear, and said …

– Auntie … I, your stupid … don’t stress, is it somewhere?

– Nah, please don’t look at my spectacles … (crying voice)

One of the spectacles was handed to me, the frame on one side was broken. I put the glasses in his hand and asked someone to call a rickshaw. I looked at him and saw that the spectacles had somehow fallen off and he was looking around with stupid eyes … he looked at me and gave me a look.

So much Maya in that look, I missed a few pulses. I gently grabbed his hand and made him grow a beard.

– Injured somewhere?

– I know, I’m crying …

– Go home by rickshaw, bad dress …

– You go with me, please …

I just wanted to go in my mind, my mind jumped to say … I got on the rickshaw together. People are looking at me and him with strange eyes. I know why somewhere in the chest some new tunes started playing with different rhythms and rhythms.

I lifted the hood of the rickshaw, we separated ourselves from the outside world with the polythene paper. The only problem is that I am overwhelmed by the very sweet aroma of mud and dirt.

“Where is Vaizhan Yamu?” … I felt some dissonance in the melodious music of emotion in Riksawala’s Kitchen. I looked at Kadakumari with a questioning look and saw the cloud in her Kajal black eyes, the rain saying this is just waiting for a gust of wind.

– Do you see the state of your mind? … Keep going, he is not in the mood to go anywhere now, let the mood be right first …

– Why do you always do such a thing? … Stupid.

– Let’s talk, then … I’m pissed … I’m going to go now, tell me the address … I can see the cloud in my eyes … I can’t tell when the rain starts

– You’re not going so … Let’s go to Mama Eskaton.

The rickshaw is moving at the speed of Mama’s wish, we two men and women are sitting silently on the polythene chip. I want to hold a cigarette after the big story … but I don’t understand … the girl sitting next to me won’t get angry again !! Damn … “Mama … put it next to that cigarette shop” … I didn’t ask Kadakumari … I don’t know why she was scared.

– Mama, don’t stand anywhere, go straight … (looking at me) … you are a strange person … is your name? … what do you do ??

– The strange man’s name is Akash … What do I do ?? … What else is that wandering …

– Hmm … unemployed?

– Don’t be ashamed to be unemployed … we are human too.

He laughed. Such a sweet muddy smile. The mind melted like ice.

– May I know your name?

– What do you do with the name?

– Oma !! … You know … I don’t know ??

– Night …

I looked at him … Nishi !!! … I became silent. Love is glistening in my eyes. This is my problem … seeing beauty makes me fall in love. I couldn’t see Kadakumari Nishi on the list of the few who had the rare misfortune of being Akash Girl. There is no benefit in that hope.

I didn’t know when I was coming in front of his house. I got off the rickshaw and rented it. I looked at him, the momentary identity but how familiar it seems. I gave a good Kumar-type smile.

Quarrel and love … the medium is a pink umbrella

– Go then, the body guard’s job is over.

– Do you always have such fun? Let’s go home … talk to mom and go later.

– With my mother? … Why, what am I doing? … Look, I didn’t push you …

– Is your Faizlami over ?? ….. Look up and see your mother watching us from the balcony. So, you have to go now and tell the story beautifully … and of course … you have to tell me beautifully that you are not one of me.

I did not dare to look up and entered the house through the gate behind him. Darwan rolled his eyes and saluted … God knows not me but Kanyakumari. The veins and sub-veins in the abdomen have started playing with the buzzing buzz … I was getting up when I saw someone’s face today … I think Rahima Bua.

Sitting on the sofa in the drawing-room, eating mango juice and arranging the interview episode in my mind. “Is your name?” … I looked up at the questioner and saw a middle-aged woman. It looks like simple compassion. I stood up and saluted.

– Yes, Akash.

– Sit down … what’s a good name?

– Saiful Amin Akash.

– Where is your home?

– Yes, Mymensingh.

– Hmm … What do you do, Dad?

– High school headteacher.

– Mom?

– Works in medical.

– How many siblings?

What’s wrong with the woman ?? … Ask for the full biodata … I’m waiting for the real Cochrane to start …

– Yes, two brothers, one sister. I am the eldest, then sister, then brother again.

– Well, what do you do?

– Yes, I’m an engineer …

“Engineer ?? …” or look at Nishi … eyes seem to come out through new glasses … wearing a fresh white dress … looking like a fairy …

– Nishi, you don’t talk, where did you get engineering from?

– From BUET.

– All right, well, sit down … tell me where … you’ll have lunch here.

– Gee … no … I can eat out.

– Eat … I didn’t say. Sit down …

I looked at Nishi … with a mischievous smile on his face. I fell into a very uncomfortable situation …

– Are you unemployed?

– I didn’t say, you said … I’m just saying … don’t be ashamed to be unemployed … we are human too.

– Hmm … you are a master of Faizlami … you should have understood.

There is a lot of talks. I went down from you to you … Nishi is four years younger than me … studying marketing at Dhaka University … third year. Laughing, Faizlami started to go on … I got better … The rain started outside again … The time is not going badly.

The first day of the two-day holiday is going well. Nishi’s cooking skills are extreme. It would be good if the house could be a son-in-law in this house.

Farewell is coming. Thank you so much for feeding Auntie. I looked at Nishi and smiled a little.

– Anyway … I had a great day … I think the best of life. Aunty Kochchen did not ask about the reason I entered the house. It’s good … Aunty understands that I’m not one of you … so don’t ask.

– So ?? …… you think so … you feel good … so you didn’t say anything Why didn’t you tell me …?

There was a lightning strike in my heart … I stared at Nishi at high voltage. I don’t know what was in that look … Nishi lowered his eyes … started scratching his fingernails. I understand it’s time to say something … but nothing comes to mind. I mumbled for a while …

Quarrel and love … the medium is a pink umbrella

– Give me an umbrella, I think it will rain … I’ll go again later …

Nishi looked up and smiled … I melted … my throat dried up and became wood …

I am standing at the door … Nishi went inside to fetch the umbrella … After waiting for eternity, the statue of Nishi has seen again … A pink umbrella in hand …

– This is my umbrella … I like it … I give it to you … but you are the kind of person … I can’t take care of it, let me see your mobile

I handed him the mobile … what did he do … then he returned it and said …

– There’s an umbrella owner number … you can call him if you want.

I am walking along the road … It is raining heavily … A pink umbrella in my hand … The world is so beautiful.

Quarrel and love … the medium is a pink umbrella

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