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Samsung’s night view monitor in the market at low prices!

┬áSamsung’s night view monitor in the market at low prices!

Samsung has introduced a 22-inch full HD monitor with an exclusive night mode feature. For those who study at night, Samsung Electronics Bangladesh has designed this exclusive monitor.
With this latest version of the monitor, users will not only be able to study peacefully without disturbing the people around them but will also be able to keep their eyes safe.
This new monitor from Samsung has all the unique features. The exclusive design and engineering capabilities of the Samsung Night View Monitor ensure customers a simpler and more anticipated work experience even in the dark.
Its eye rest mode feature reduces the amount of blue light and keeps the eyes calm. Its fixed, adjustable LED lights enable the customer to increase the amount of light even in low light in the workplace.
This specially designed monitor also has keyboard light features, which will illuminate the keyboard and desk with the LED lights below. This night mode feature has a brightness reduction button, which allows users to feel comfortable and keep their eyes safe.
This monitor will be available for 9,700 rupees. Customers can purchase this monitor in all authorized showrooms of Smart Technologies Limited and enjoy 3 years warranty.
Samsung’s night view monitor in the market at low prices


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