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Science world-Comet will hit the earth on Saturday

Science world-Comet will hit the earth on Saturday

Comet 6 can hit the earth at any time And because of this, some important cities of the world may be destroyed Such a prediction was already 6 That comet is going to come very close to the earth next Saturday Once again, NASA scientists hinted at such a terrible message

According to NASA scientists, the comet could hit the Earth at any moment by 2022. The name of this particular comet is 44196 (2010 NY65) The diameter of this comet is 230 meters The comet is already located just 3 million km away from Earth This comet is going to hit the earth at any moment The comet was discovered by NASA scientists in July 2010

According to Alan Fitzsimons of Queen’s University, June 30 will be the day of Comet 7 However, he explained why this day is known as Comet Day, citing an event in 1906. A comet landed in Tunguska, Siberia, destroying about 2,000 square kilometers. Fitzsimmons will give a presentation on this subject on June 30 in Luxembourg

He added that the new comet could not land on Earth According to astronauts, many comets are often seen orbiting the earth from space. But all these comets are not causing any damage to the earth


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