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See what strange ways rich people spend money

See what strange ways rich people spend money

Think of yourself as a millionaire once you close your eyes. And tell me, what exactly would you do if you really became a millionaire? How did you spend so much money? If I had money, I would do it, I would do it – it is very easy to get rid of a thousand such sentences.

In reality, if countless money really comes in handy. Then it becomes very difficult to spend. Especially to spend it properly.

Wondering, then, those who really have a lot of money, those who are really millionaires, what do they do with their immense wealth? Let’s take a look at some of the strangest and most cost-effective sectors of the wealthy.

1. Your name on the island

Although it seems completely insane, in reality, he has his name engraved on the chest of the island. Definitely one of the world’s millionaires. And this millionaire is none other than Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a very popular man in the Middle East.

A few days ago, he had a lot of people and money spent on his private island and he got his name engraved. And his only wish behind it was to make his name known to everyone, even from outside the earth. Nowadays, you can see a name on the soil of Futaisi Island from the chest of the moon. And the name is Hamid (Luxpresso).

2. City in its own name

Surely you have heard the name of the famous British man Scott Alexander who owns a lot of wealth? He is often seen in various TV commercials and other activities. His wonderful smile can be seen.

But did you know that behind every tooth of this laughing Scott he spends millions of dollars? And just what teeth? Scott spends about 300,000 dollars a year on his own clothes.

This handsome man also spends enough to prevent the aging of his body. Recently, however, he (Luxpreso) bought a whole city in Bulgaria under his own name and caused quite a stir.

3. Making toy planes with money

No, no. Not by spending money. Instead, they make paper toy planes with money. There is also a record of blowing them out of windows through the money of rich people.

Pavel Durav, the millionaire owner of the popular Russian social media Vikontakt. From his St. Petersburg office, he blew a 5,000-ruble toy paper plane (Huffington Post) through the window into the crowd outside.

4. Sperm collection of wise people

What exactly can people do when they become millionaires? How much for himself and how much or for the sake of others? And no matter what anyone says. Robert Clark Graham had the idea but totally different.

He was especially worried about the future of the world. And so it collects the sperm of all the Nobel laureates and wise men for a good child of the future. Through them, he created a company to produce children. He (time to break).

The problem, however, was that Nobel laureates were older. And so their sperm was also weak. But in spite of so many adversities until his own death. Robert continued this work and gave birth to about 218 children.

See what strange ways rich people spend money

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