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Here are seven WhatsApp tips that everyone needs to know

Here are seven WhatsApp tips that everyone needs to know

Today I will share with you 6 secret tips of the popular social networking software platform Whatsapp, which many users do not know, even here there is no tune with this. 7 Whatsapp Tips Know

Whatsapp is currently the most popular messaging app in the world with around 600 million users. It’s really hard to find someone who uses this app and doesn’t upload or download anything with it. Even then the authority is not so busy with the security of this app. But the famous antivirus company ESET has researched on it and shared some tips for its security.

1. Do not show your shared photos in the gallery of your phone/tab

Those of us who use this app see that every picture shared by this app can be seen in our phone’s gallery. You can stop doing this show if you want. For this, you can do the following. If your phone is an iPhone, you can go to your phone’s settings menu and disable Privacy> Photos> and WhatsApp from here. Then your shared photos will not be seen in the gallery.

And if it is Android, then you have to work a little harder. For this you can first use ES File Explorer, you will find it in the Play Store. Browse your phone’s storage through this app and you will see Whatsapp’s image and video folder. Create a file named “no media” in these folders. This will prevent your gallery from scanning images from that folder. This way you can hide from pictures and galleries in other folders.

And yes, if you are a Nokia phone user, you can use x-plore and hide the images> Whatsapp e folder on your phone memory or memory card. No one will be able to see your shared photos.

2. Enable privacy in your profile picture:

To give privacy to your profile picture, go to the privacy menu and contact set profile picture sharing only. Those who are not in contact with you will not be able to see your picture. As a result, your strangers will not be able to download your pictures.

3. Get rid of scams

Whatsapp will never send you any text or email about your chats, messages, or other multimedia. If something like this happens to you, it is definitely a scam. Avoid it as much as possible.

4. Deactivate your WhatsApp [if you lose your phone]

If you lose your phone or tab, login to your ID with your replacement SIM on another mobile as soon as possible. Whatsapp usually allows you to open an account on mobile once. And in this way, if you login with a new phone with the replacement of your previous SIM, Whatsapp will block the ID of your lost SIM for that phone, depending on the EME of your new phone.

5. Always keep your Whatsapp application locked

Whatsapp will not give you any built-in PIN or password feature. So you can use any third-party app locker to keep your chatting or messages secure. For example: lock for WhatsApp, chat and message locker, etc.

6. Hide last scene time

Whatsapp’s most disliked feature is Last Scene Time. This feature informs your contact about whether you have read the message given by him or her and often it causes various problems to the user. You can turn off this feature if you wish. For this, you can turn it off from Profile> Privacy and from here. Needless to say, if you turn off this feature, you won’t know if anyone else has seen your message. So do the work at your own risk.

7. Be careful what you say

It is best to refrain from sharing your confidential information, address, phone number, email address, credit card information, passport or other confidential information. Because it will help a user to avoid mediation. For example, suppose you are giving your address to a friend and he has been involved in some misconduct.

Thanks for reading my post patiently for so long. First of all, I said this is my first post so I apologize again for any kind of mistake.

Here are seven WhatsApp tips that everyone needs to know


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