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Shahana doesn’t like to wake up in the morning

Shahana doesn’t like to wake up in the morning. There is no hard work in this world like waking up from such a happy sleep. Most of the time, however, there is no opportunity to sleep. Because of the class, I have to wake up in the morning and run for the class at a stormy speed.

Then the opportunities that are available here are not available at home. Father’s strict instructions that everyone should get up during Fajr prayers. He doesn’t like girls sleeping in the morning.

Shahana was upset because she thought of home, how long she has not seen her mother! How long the little brother is not fighting with! Why is that real to study in Dhaka! Who knows how the little one is? See how big it has become !! When did the child of that day become so big !!

Didn’t the madman cry the last time he came !! Only he knew what a pain it was to let go of this cry, a piece of heart that seemed to be leaving. The father is so tough but when he comes, he notices very well that Shahana sees a few drops of water glistening through the corners of his glasses. Such a tough person and if he cries then is it possible to come again !! Then Shahana has to come !!

Shahana doesn’t like to wake up in the morning

When will that happen again !! When will that holiday be !! However, given the situation in Dhaka, Shahana wants to go home. In varsity, classes are held only in name. Just go to varsity and come. There is no work in between, the situation in Dhaka is not very good, I don’t know if I will go home.

Shahana just lay there for a while more. Not wanting to go to varsity today. You can go to New Market in the afternoon. Need to buy something for Pichita, last time there was a lot of advances for the ‘red shirt’. I have to buy a redshirt.

What is the size of the pitcher? Is it bigger now ?? The problem is who can be taken ?? Who can get “Azad”? He has a lot of work to do. This procession, this meeting, this meeting, all this is the end of his day. Will he agree to go to Newmarket with her ??

Azad and O fall together, their relationship has been going on for quite some time. It doesn’t hurt to hear Azad talk about his dreams. On the contrary, he likes it very much. Azad sometimes speaks of an independent country.

Then there is a lot of joy, well, will the country really be independent, what will that country be like? Will the sky of that country be more blue ??

Azad was found at the varsity, and the most surprising thing is that he has agreed to go to New Market with Shahana today, Shahana does not understand where the sun rose today !!!

– Take this rickshaw.

Azad gets on the rickshaw and lifts the hood, sitting very close to Shahana, Shahana wants to ride the rickshaw like this, but the opportunity rarely comes !!

– What to do in Newmarket?

-Dance !! , Why do you have any problem going with me ?? Or is there a meeting ??

Shahana doesn’t like to wake up in the morning

– Oh no! I said what to do?

– I’ll buy a red shirt for the little one.

– What should I do now after buying a red shirt? Where will you find the little one ???

– I’m thinking of going home, the class is nothing, and not going for a long time.

– That’s right !! When to go ??

– Let’s see in a few days, if the class does that, then I will leave.

-Ish !! I won’t see you for a few days !!

– If I am in Dhaka, how many days can you see him ??

– That’s right !! Understandably, what I think is that we have no movement without movement, there does not seem to be anything good in the “leader’s” discussion with Yahya. They will not accept our demands, I know. We have to think about war.

Well think the country has become independent, we are in an independent country, that country is ours alone, and no one else’s. In that country no one else will stop us, what a joy, what a strange !! Not so !!!!

– Are you starting your speech again? But I will get off the rickshaw !!

– Well, okay, okay, but listen, be careful, the situation is not very good.

– Yes, sir, get off the rickshaw now, I have to buy a shirt

“Azad” did not understand why he had to go around the market to buy a shirt !! Shahana went all over the market to buy just one shirt. After not buying, he did a lot of things, this behavior of the girls “Azad” does not understand at all.

For this reason he does not want to come to the market easily with Shahana. But what a danger that came today !!

After buying the shirt, Shahana thought that she had lost some money. But “Azad could not !!

-Let’s take you down the hall, I’ll go to the hall,

-Now !!! Don’t wait any longer !!

– No, the situation in the country is not very good, it’s getting late, you have to leave early

Reaching Shahana at Shamshunahar Hall, “Azad” started walking towards his hall.

-Yeah, see you tomorrow ………

-Look, and you’re right, it was March 25, 1971,

‘Shahana’ “Azad” no one knew what was waiting for them !! They didn’t know they weren’t being seen. They could not have imagined that they were going to witness the biggest ‘genocide’ in history.

2. After a while, Brigadier Arbab felt very happy thinking about what was going to happen. He has been given the responsibility of Dhaka operation. General Tikka Khan said in charge of the Dhaka operation

“It is necessary to create such a commotion in Dhaka city that the breast milk of a lactating mother becomes curdled in fear.

“Brigadier Arbab wants to do something worse than this, something that makes the baby stop crying, and after a while they will start their activities.

These Dhaka residents were causing extra trouble, especially the ‘students’. Today they should be taught. Of course he has a wish of his own. He likes Bengali women very much, today is the opportunity to taste it !! He felt a little excited.

He motioned for the expedition to begin. The beginning is “Operation Search Light”.

Shahana doesn’t understand anything. Suddenly the military descended on the city. Their activities are not understood, said. Moniruzzaman, Jyotirmoy Sir, Dr. GC has killed Dev, the military is killing whoever he finds, if he is a girl, will he enter ??

When Shamsunnahar eats, the girls close the door of the room and hug each other. A panic spreads through everyone, everyone waits. For the morning, for the golden sun of the morning, in this darkness of the night, the “hall” known for so many days seems unfamiliar to everyone.

At that moment, they hear the military breaking down the gate and entering, a cool current of fear descends down Shahana’s spine. Shahana understands what is going to happen, the news of the dark world reaches the “girls” first.

The military broke down the door and entered all the rooms. The door of Shahana’s room broke down. Shahana looks into the eyes of the military, all the hyenas are shining. They never had the “power” to shout “save” as no girl ever makes a mistake in reading the language of those eyes.

‘Mass rape’ continues in a very silent environment, it happens silently. In the “one black chapter” of history, Shahana kept thinking about “Chhotaner”, he was not given the red shirt anymore.

The madman was never seen again, the little one would not wait for him at the station. And there will be no fight with him !!! He never met Azad again. ‘Azad’ could not see the ‘independent’ country !!! At that time a beast came down on Shahana.

Shahana doesn’t like to wake up in the morning

Shahana’s mutilated body was found along with many other girls on the side of the road in the morning. And like all girls, her buttocks and breasts were cut off. Shahana had a red shirt in her hand then !!

Azad was no longer found. He had one of the many corpses of that day, whose place is in the mass grave.

Nine months after this incident, a new country was born, a new flag was born, the name of the country was Bangladesh. Red-green Bangladesh.

Shahana doesn’t like to wake up in the morning


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