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Smart headphones to listen to music under water!

Smart headphones to listen to music under water!

Wireless headphones are nothing new for music lovers. However, the technology company Braggy is coming up with a smart headphone, which will really change everyone’s headphone experience in an instant. The name of this new wireless smart headphone is The Dash. Mashable’s details suggest that there is a lot to surprise everyone with these headphones. The Smart headphones to listen to music under water
The first use of headphones is of course listening to music. In that case, ‘The Dash’ will give you the promise of uninterrupted music and hassle-free use. Why say that? Because, these headphones have 4 GB storage, so that thousands of songs can be played effortlessly. Not only that, in any case, there is also a system to listen to music through online streaming with these headphones. You do not need a smartphone, tab or computer for this. But yes, there is the advantage of listening to music using them.
With the help of optical touch outside the headphones, you can listen to your favorite music or arrange to work. These headphones have 23 special sensors for the two ears on each side, which can radically change your listening experience. At the same time, it will keep your heartbeat, body condition and walking as a taboo effortlessly. Not only that, these headphones are also capable of advising you according to your hard work.
Not only this, there are many more surprises. Can you imagine listening to music while swimming? ‘The Dash’ is shining there too. Even underwater, the song can be heard with these headphones ears; Water will not enter the ears, and the song will continue like a song! You can turn off the outside noise if you want, and you can keep it open if you want. It’s all just your wish!
But no matter how much you want to capture ‘The Dash’ right now, there is no way but to wait. The manufacturers have not yet commented on when it will be released commercially or how much it will cost. They are working to further enhance the capabilities of these smart headphones.


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