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Some amazing facts about Anaconda!

Some amazing facts about Anaconda!

Anacondas do not catch prey like other snakes. It does not bite its prey. Although there are big enough teeth to chew! It kills its prey by suffocating it. Then it slowly swallows the whole body.

There are basically four types of anacondas.
Dark spotted anaconda, yellow anaconda, green anaconda, Bolivian anaconda.

The green anaconda (the main species of anaconda snake) is the largest snake in the world. It can grow up to 30 feet in length and weigh up to 228 kg.

After eating an adult sheep/goat/pig, an anaconda may not have eaten for about a month. In between, it does not need food.

If no prey is found, an anaconda can spend about 1 year after a large prey without eating anything else.

Anacondas may not hold their breath underwater for up to 10 minutes! Then it needs oxygen to move to the surface of the water.

The female anaconda is larger in size than the male anaconda.

The anaconda has more in common with other snakes. Where other snakes lay eggs (pythons, cobras, etc.) anacondas give birth directly! A female anaconda can give birth to 25-30 babies at a time.

Baby anacondas are 2 feet tall at birth and are good at swimming. Not only that, they can start catching prey at birth.

► An anaconda can swallow up to 20 kg of food a day.

Anacondas avoid people. Even when people smell the village, they hide! People hunt anacondas in the deep forest for the price of their skin and teeth.


Some amazing facts about Anaconda!


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