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Some known and unknown mysterious information about earthquakes

Some known and unknown mysterious information about earthquakes

The quake was felt in Bangladesh at 10:54 a.m. on Wednesday (September 12). The quake was felt for about 1 minute. The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.7 on the Richter scale. Origin is in Assam, India.

Let’s find out the unknown mysterious information about the earthquake-

1) Every 30 seconds there is an earthquake somewhere in the world. What’s different is that people don’t realize all of them.

2) Earthquakes can cause volcanoes to erupt and erupt.

3) We do not feel less than two magnitude earthquakes. Earthquakes of more than 3 magnitudes on the Richter scale shake the earth.

4) An earthquake of seven or more magnitude can destroy an entire city.

5) The largest earthquake in the world occurred in Chile in 1980. The quake in Chile had a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter scale.

6) The worst earthquake in the world was in China. In 1556. The quake killed more than 630,000 people.

8) In 1985, a magnitude 8 earthquake shook Mexico City. The quake destroyed a hospital in Mexico. One week no one was able to enter the hospital. After the day was over, the rescue team went and rescued several newborns.

For a week those newborns had no water or food, or any human contact. Even then, it is amazing how the children survived.

6) There is a story, in Hindu mythology, the world is riding on the back of eight giant elephants. All those elephants are standing on the back of the tortoise again. The turtles have restrained themselves by standing on a coiled snake. If any one of these creatures moves a little, the earth moves.

9) On December 16, 181, a catastrophic earthquake caused a section of the Mississippi River to recede.

10) Every year 5 lakh earthquakes are caught on the Richter scale in the world. Only one lakh of them we can feel. 100 of them are responsible for earthquake damage.

11) Some animals or earthquakes are detected before. However, recent research has shown that people can already feel the earthquake. The reason for this is that some of the gas under the ground comes out through the water of the pond or reservoir. People sense earthquakes from that unusual smell.

12. Parkfield, California, USA is called the ‘Earthquake Capital of the Earth’. There is a bridge here, which was located on two tectonic plates. Earthquake detectors were invented two thousand years ago. Made by Chinese scientist Zhang Heng.

13. The ancient Greeks thought that earthquakes were caused by their sea god Poseidon. When he gets angry, the sea god shakes the ground. Again in Japanese mythology, an earthquake is caused by a catfish named Namazu.

14. Every year about eight thousand people die in earthquakes. One crore 30 lakh people have died in earthquakes in the last four thousand years.

15. Earthquakes are more common in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere.

17. Every year there are one and a half thousand earthquakes in Japan.

16) The sculptures of the Inca civilization were made in such a way that they could withstand any major earthquake. That architecture, the sculptures have suffered several moderate earthquakes but no damage.

16. Just as ‘Earth Quake’ is also ‘Moon Quake’. This means that there is a lunar earthquake-like earthquake. Earthquakes happen on the moon as well as on the earth. However, the moon is less shaken than the earth. The moon does not tremble as often as the earth.

Some known and unknown mysterious information about earthquakes


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