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Some surprising information about the Hiroshima explosion

Some surprising information about the Hiroshima explosion

Eighty-three years after that stigmatized attack around the world, much of the information is still unknown to us.

Let’s find out some unknown facts about the ‘Little Boy’ attack in Hiroshima-

1. One hundred and forty thousand people died in this explosion towards the end of the Second World War. The death toll in the private sector is about two and a half times. Ninety percent of the city’s homes were completely destroyed.

2. A man named Sutomu Yamaguchi survived the Hiroshima blast. Then he reached Nagasaki by train to join the work. He also survived the August 9 Nagasaki bombing.

3. Death came down from the body of the American warplane ‘Enola Gay’.

4. Only three of Elona Gay’s 12 members knew the real reason for the campaign.

5. At that time America was able to procure as much uranium. He spent all his money to make bombs.

6. Experts said that only 0.6 grams of uranium caused the most explosive explosions. A substance lighter than a dollar note killed 70,000 people in one fell swoop.

7. The people of Hiroshima were warned by throwing leaflets before the explosion. So that they can move to safer areas. Warnings were given on the radio every 15 minutes.

8. Even after the Hiroshima attack, leaflets were dropped.
Only one bomb has been dropped! Residents of Nagasaki were also warned.

9. Shigeki Tanaka was 32 kilometers from Hiroshima. The 13-year-old saw the bombs dropped and heard the sound of bombs.

10. A few weeks after the blast, the United States released color video footage of the devastation. The U.S. military has said no. This information came to light in 2011.

11. A vault at Mataikoku Bank was not damaged in the blast. That vault was made by an American company!

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surprising information about the Hiroshima explosion


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