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Some Unknown Tips to Keep Smartphones Safe

Some Unknown Tips to Keep Smartphones Safe

Your smartphone is more valuable than your wallet. In some cases, it works on your computer. It contains a lot of sensitive information and passwords. But most of us do not have adequate measures to protect this important device. Many people are annoyed to give a four-digit password. Unknown Tips Smartphones Safe

About 314 mobile phones are stolen on the streets of London every day and guess how many are on the streets of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Whatever he is, I don’t talk about all these troubles. We don’t know how to keep our smartphones safe.

Update software:

Always update your smartphone’s Windows and operating system. This update also allows the phone manufacturer to deliver your lost phone to you through a network test. Although it is a little difficult but not impossible. You can also turn off your phone by using a security code if you have a mobile software update. As a result, you will not be able to leak any information.

Use screen lock:

Every smartphone has the facility to lock the screen as security. You can lock your product with a PIN, password, or pattern lock method. The lock can be activated by going to the smartphone security settings. Automatic or fixed time intervals can also be set. This will save your information.

Install antivirus software:

Another reason for the leak is the virus. It can leak and destroy your mobile device again. The virus poses a threat to the security of the smartphone. To install antivirus software for the security of the smartphone.

Encrypt device:

Smartphones allow you to encrypt all the data in your product. Data can be encrypted from the security settings of the smartphone. It requires a separate password and PIN to access data each time the mobile or tab is turned on. If encrypted, the phone will not be able to steal information without a PIN or password if it falls into the hands of a rogue and turns it off once it is turned on again. Encrypting data can slow down the phone a bit.

Activate Android Device Manager:

If your mobile phone is expensive, you can track your product on Google Maps thanks to the Android Device Manager feature. In addition, if the mobile phone is turned on, you will be able to make calls for five minutes in full volume. You can even delete all your data remotely. You need to go to Security from Settings to check if Device Manager is running on your mobile phone. You can turn on Device Manager from Device Administrator in Security Settings.

Use password for apps:

You can use Apps Lock on your smartphone or tab with extra security measures. You can download App Lock from Google Play as a gallery or messaging protection. If you use this type of app, you have to set the password or pin code separately so that if you want to launch a specific application, you have to open the password first and then enter. Some Unknown Tips to Keep Smartphones Safe

Some Unknown Tips to Keep Smartphones Safe



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