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Suddenly the ghost of the shadow in front at night

Suddenly the ghost of the shadow in front at night

 Shadow ghost 

Auntie, I have been seeing empty shadows in the house for a few days. I was making tea a little while ago, I am also watching Tahan. It seemed that I knew who was behind me. Fear has shaken all the hairs of my body, this body is aunty.

I said I would not work in this house anymore. Rabea brought a cup of tea from the kitchen, put the cup on the table, and said a little angry. Nigger sat at the dining table in the morning. Her forehead wrinkled as she pulled out the cup of tea. It is difficult when Rabia leaves. He can’t handle Purni alone.

Shafiqul spends most of his business time in Dhaka or Chittagong. Rabia’s home is Chandpur; At the age of eighteen or nineteen, quite a believer, the market does that, it gives a fair account of money.

Apart from that, she is also a good cook. And the biggest thing is that Rabea has made excellent adjustments with Purna. Ever since her father died, Nigar’s worries about how the girl has shrunk have become more intense. The taste of tea stops. There are reasons for that. Shafiqul and Purni also see the shadows.

Purni said yesterday, “Mommy, Mommy, I saw you when you went to the bathroom today.” “What did I see?”

“A key jumped into the room. Like a shadow. White… ” White? Then 6 ”Nigar’s chest throbbed. “Then the shadow walked… you know, Mom, the shadow isn’t exactly like Dad.”

“You mean like father?

Go! ”

“Yes. Really. You came out of the bathroom and it went out the window. ”

“Oh.” Shafiqul also said seeing the shadow. There is a tendency to diabetes. Walking on the roof in the morning. A few days ago I was walking on the roof in the morning. Then he saw a white shadow leap from the coconut tree and come down to the roof.

As soon as he said the word to Nigar, Nigar said, I understand, you should see an eye doctor today. Somehow he handled the matter. (Nigar addresses her second husband as ‘you’) But what is that shadow? Whatever he is. Threw in heavy trouble. If Rabia threatens to quit her job now, she will be in danger.

But Nigar also thinks that everyone in the house is watching the shadows but I… I don’t see why?

Sadhan called Acharya this morning. After many days. I was very surprised to see the familiar name on the Nigger display. Said, hello, uncle, Adap. I live in Comilla now. Sadhan Acharya said, well, well. I am in Comilla, mother. I’m coming to you.

You tell me the address now.
Come on uncle.

Nigar said the home address of Thakurpara. Sadhan Acharya is a Tantric astrologer by profession. Introduction of Nigar’s first husband Hasan. The old man knows something very well. After the marriage, Nigar’s navel started hurting terribly. Sadhan Acharya gave a charm to a mantra at that time.

The pain went away as soon as Kaitan was tied to his arm. Nigar has no doubt that the old man has spiritual power. He has to tell her about the shadow. Nigger feels a lot calmer. The old man likes molasses tea. Nigar entered the kitchen to make tea. Make molasses tea and fill it with flax.

How the house was shunsana. Shafiqul has gone to Dhaka for business, it is not clear when he will return. In full school. Rabea went to fetch him. Rose, of course, brings Nigar.

Suddenly the ghost of the shadow in front at night

What laziness filled the body today. The kindergarten is nearby. Nigar likes to go to school without it. Mrs. Touhida Rahman, Mrs. Fatema Akhtar, Shipra Sengupta are all mothers of Purni’s classmates. Purni took class two.

Sadhan Acharya came around 10:30 in the morning. Guttagottta strong body. The customer is wearing yellow pajamas and white dhoti. Age will be around sixty. Thick-lens glasses with black frames on the eyes. The color of the skin is green. Bald on the head, but a little mature hair on the back.

A small bronze statue of Shiva dancing in a black Kaitan on his neck. A copper bracelet on the left wrist, a beautiful red coral on the ring finger of the right hand. Chirkumar lives in Gurusadaya Ashram in Pabna. The clothes are very clean. The old man has Nigar’s mobile number. From time to time he called and inquired. Today he called after a long time.

Suddenly the ghost of the shadow in front at night

Hasan once said in order to survive – Sadhan Acharya is the guru of those who practices Tantric astrology in this country. Before that, the guru was Narayan Shivshastri of Lalmai hill. This is the guru of Sadhan Acharya. His maha mantraputah tulsi or great protection charm. Even the life of the dead can be donated – such a belief was prevalent among the devotees of Narayan Shivshastri.

Nigar gave Sadhan Acharya tea in the drawing-room. The old man was happy to see the molasses tea. With a sip of tea, the old man said, “Mother, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

So I thought when I come here I will meet my mother once. Where did Comilla come from? With a sip of tea, Sadhan Acharya said, mother in Lalmai hill. To a Tantric monk named Sadashiv Mohant. The bluish nagmani of a snake of various kinds or he has collected, so he wanted to show me once. See?

Yes. The big surprise thing. Blue. I have read about Nagmani in the Puranas. But in reality, I did not know that there is. Let him. Nowadays I dream of Hasan again and again.

Suddenly the ghost of the shadow in front at night

Ah, the boy left us prematurely. Maheshwar has written that key on his forehead. Hasan had a keen memory when he was young. You know, our house was in the same neighborhood. I know uncle. Nigar said wiping his eyes. At this moment, the face of the old astrologer seems to be blurred.

I handcuffed him to Esraj… when he was angry and played the lamp… Ah! Nigger sits quietly. Tears came to Hasan’s eyes. When Hasan’s father was posting in Jessore, Sadhan Acharya was Hasan’s neighbor. The old man loved Hasan very much.

Hasan’s father has been transferred from Jessore but has an old relationship. The old man came to Fakirhat many times. But one thing mother. Sadhan Acharya said. Yes uncle, tell me. Hasan: Hasan did not die, mother.

Nigger was startled. He said in a muffled voice, what are you saying, uncle! Does that mean Hasan is not dead? Without answering, Sadhan Acharya sipped his cup of tea.

Then he put the cup down on the table. Pouring molasses tea from flax. The sun has entered the house through the window. Nigar, who was sitting on a sofa in front of the old man, was trembling. There are staring eyes at the old man.

Suddenly the ghost of the shadow in front at night

When he said that, what are you saying uncle Hasan is not dead? How weak Nigar’s voice sounds. Hasan’s body was found? The old man asked in return. Nigar is staring into his eyes. No, uncle. So?

The cool current of Nigar’s body spreads. Looking at the old man without blinking. The old man is right. Hasan’s dead body was not found after the accident. Hasan was the Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer. Posting in Fakirhat Upazila. The accident happened on the way from Subhadya to Rampal. The culvert broke and the bus fell into the canal. No, Hasan’s body was not found.

Hasan’s colleague Shahidul Alam was on the same bus as Hasan. He has confirmed that. Shahidul Alam was also seriously injured in the accident. So? Nigar’s forehead was sweating. His breathing became fast. Hasan: He could not forget Hasan. He had a beautiful mind. Her esraj is still taken care of.

Hasan loved the girl very much. Purni was five when Hasan died. How Nigar handled those difficult days filled with emptiness alone.

Nigar’s father came to Fakirhat and took his daughter to Narsingdi. The gentleman worked for the Chittagong Railway but bought land in Narsingdi and built a tin shed house. He also died a year later. Had a stroke. Maybe seeing the form of her ruthless widowhood, that Nigar was floating in the deep sea. What happens when you don’t have a guardian over your head?

Suddenly the ghost of the shadow in front at night

All of a sudden, Nigar’s great uncle arranged Nigar’s marriage to a widowed businessman from Comilla. Second husband Shafiqul Islam is a good man. (However, there is no mind in the world of crazy work, which is probably why Hasan didn’t ask any questions about Esraj).

There is a press at Kandirpara in Comilla town. Four-storey house in Thakurpara. After a month, about half a lakh rupees of rent money is deposited in the hands of Nigar. Even though her heart is burning for Hasan inside, Nigar has at least happiness in her second husband’s family. A.

What did the old Tantric astrologer hear? Sadhan Acharya said I have come to tell you an urgent matter, mother. Said, uncle. Nigar wiped the sweat from his forehead with a bandage. The chest is throbbing. Shafiqul also saw shadows while walking on the roof in the morning. The shadow jumped out of the coconut tree.

What was that? An intense curiosity overwhelmed Nigar. Sadhan Acharya took out a small designer mound of silver from the pocket of the Punjabi. Then he opened it and took a tip and put it in his mouth. The air smells of dried tobacco.

The old man said, “Do you see the shadows in the house, mother?”

Shadows? Yes, the shadow. Gray shade. Nigger’s body is shaking. No uncle, I don’t see the shadows. But my husband, work girl and my daughter see. I have been under a lot of tension for a few days now, uncle. Hmmm. But I do not see the shadow, uncle. Didn’t I give you a charm?

Yes, uncle.

Do you still hold it in your arm?

Yes, uncle. This is that. Nigar raised the sleeves of his black blouse and showed the black kaitan.

Sadhan Acharya shook his head and said, I understand. That’s why.

But, but, how did you know about the shadow, uncle?

Listen, mother, I have been a novice for a long time in search of the primordial mystery of the world. They are worshiping the mother. I am doing yoga to achieve Shivatma. How many Tantrics in mainland India have discussed the occult with Kapalik. Tantra sadhana is not something that is difficult to know, mother. Tantra is actually science. Oprah Science.

What is that shadow uncle?

Hassan’s shadow mother.

What does Hasan mean ??? Nigar’s head shook. Hassan is still alive in the world as a shadow. Nigger’s breath

Almost stuck. He said in a muffled voice, Hasan has become a shadow? What are you saying, uncle?

Sadhan Acharya seems to have forgotten Khaini Chibuto. You are meditating with your eyes closed. The sun is shining through the window on the square face. Smooth baldness looks shiny. Black birthmark on the left side of the forehead. A mole in the middle.

Suddenly the old man opened his eyes and said, Yes, mother. The injuries in the bus accident were not enough to kill him. It was not possible to survive like before. According to Tantric mysticism, in such a situation man cannot go to the right people, Kaya is then transformed into a shadow. Hassan is now in the shadows. This shadow life is very difficult mother. The boy is in great pain. The old man’s face creased as he spoke.

The forehead was folded. He loved old Hasan very much. Look at that. Sadhan Acharya raised his hand and said. Nigger chuckled and looked back to the right. The key moves to the other side of the screen. Fast. Like black. Nigar’s body rumbled.

What is that?

Before the old man could say anything, the doorbell rang. Nigger was startled. Then he got up and came to the door in a daze. The chest is throbbing. Rabia opened the door and saw a school bag and a water bottle in her hand. But, where is Purni? Nigar’s chest throbbed. It came out of the mouth, what a ray! Where is Purni? Rabea laughs. Just then Purni came out from behind, wearing a school dress, smiling. Sweating in the sun.

The small fair face has turned red. Other times he hugs the girl for a while. Today I did not want to caress. Nigger said, “Go, mother, take a bath now.” Purni once looked at Sadhan Acharya and left. I don’t think he was happy to see the old man. The old man was also shocked to see Purni.

Suddenly the ghost of the shadow in front at night

Nigar once thought to say to Purni, salute. Don’t you remember? Grandpa. What do you think? Instead, Rabia said, “When Purni’s bath is over, I will take the soup out of the fridge and let him eat it hot.”

I wish. Rabeya will leave. Nigger said again, listen, now soak the ruimacha from the deep. Guests will eat at noon. Rabea leaves. Nigger came and sat on the sofa. His mobile is lying on the side, on the sofa. The familiar Nokia ring tone rang out. Nigger picked up the mobile and said, hello.

Talk to someone for a moment. How the expression on his face began to change. After turning off the phone for a while, Nigar looked at Sadhan Acharya and said in a hushed voice that Hasan’s colleague Shahidul Alam had called. He is the Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer. We were side by side at Fakir Haat. Now, of course, the gentleman’s posting is in Monirampur Upazila. Well. Shahidul

Alam was on the same bus as Hasan at the time of the accident.

Well. What did he say?

He said that he had been watching the shadows for some time. The shadow sometimes takes the shape of a man. Then it looks a lot like Hasan. Oh. He asked me if I could see the shadow. What did you say? I didn’t say I don’t see the shadows. What is the benefit of terrorizing him?

You are the right mother.

But – but what do I do now uncle?

I’m wondering.

Nigar’s mobile phone rang. Mrs. Fatema Akhtar. The mother of Purna’s classmate Faria. Rani lives in the market area. The lady’s husband, Selim Akhtar, is a leading businessman in Comilla. Yes sister, said. Nigger’s throat was trembling.

Apa, today is Faria’s birthday. I brought your daughter to my house. I will have lunch and send it by car. I said goodbye to your maid. He didn’t tell you. I called because you didn’t call. Apa, please don’t scold him again, as if oh no. The mobile fell from Nigar’s hand on the floor carpet.

What’s up mom? Sadhan Acharya leaned down. Purni My daughter… and… and কেউ no one else… and my daughter… Nigar’s voice was not bursting.

Yes, that’s when I realized.

Elon Sadhan Acharya hurried to the door. Nigger behind the back. He is having trouble standing. How the head is shaking. There is no one in the dining room. They go to the kitchen. Rabea in front of the stove. A saucepan in the oven. The soup seemed to be heating up. Where is Purni? Nigar’s voice sounded hoarse. Aunt in the bathroom. Rabea looked back. I was a little shocked to see Nigar’s face. Nigger almost ran to the bedroom.

Sadhan Acharya in the back. Looking back and forth. What are you muttering? He cut his hand and looked at the guard. The area of ​​Nigar has fallen. There is no frown on him. There is no one in the bedroom. The bathroom door is closed. But there is no sound of water inside. Nigar goes to the door and says, Ai purna, purna. What are you doing?

A male voice from inside said, I take a bath.

Nigar Sadhan looked at Acharya. He whispered, Hasan’s throat. The old man shook his head. He said, ask him, what does he want?

Hassan, what do you want? Nigger’s throat was trembling.

I’d like to go back.


Where people go after death.

Why not go there?

I can’t go!

Why can’t you go

I am that alive. I’m not dead.

Nigar Sadhan looked at Acharya. Feelings of helplessness in his eyes. Sadhan Acharya took a key out of his Punjabi pocket. Then he crouched down and pushed the thing through the gap in the bathroom door.

Just then a terrible scream was heard from inside. It was as if a fierce beast were roaring with fierce anger. He will destroy everything. Nigger was trembling. Hearing the screams, Rabia rushed out of the kitchen.

Nigar is embracing at the moment. Sadhan Acharya is muttering and chanting mantras. After a while, the angry roar stopped. Nigger looks terribly pale. He asked in a hushed voice, “What was that, uncle?” What did you do with the floor of the door?

Sadhan Acharya smiled softly and said, Mahamantraputah Tulsi Ma. Forty years ago today, my guru gave the late Narayan Shiva Shastri. He gathered his hands and bowed to someone.

Then he said, Maha Mantraputah Tulsi is a great protector mother. Sadhan Acharya knocked hard on the bathroom door with his shoulder. Even though he is old, he is a strong man who practices yoga every day. The latch on the door opens. There is no one inside.

Ama: Auntie! Where did it go?

Rabea screamed. Turn the big red plastic bucket upside down. Water on the floor. The mug is also on the floor later. Deep cracks in the sidewalls, broken glass in the small windows above. The sun has set.

Find your daughter once, mother. Sadhan Acharya said in a soft voice. The old man is tired. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the sweat from his forehead. The mobile was lying on the floor of the drawing-room. Nigger runs to the drawing-room. Then Mrs. Fatema called Akhtar.

Hello, sister, what has Purni eaten?

Yes yes. He will leave now. Your daughter didn’t play anything, Apa. I made Kashmiri polao and tomato chicken with so much effort, your daughter didn’t even touch it, not even the egg mixture, not even my father-in-law’s raspberry cake. I ate a little of that apple salad.

Written by Emon Jubayer

Translate By Sumon Sorkar

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