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Take out the water inside the smartphone yourself

Take out the water inside the smartphone yourself

Now is the rainy season. In the rain, we are usually busy saving the head and body. And in this opportunity, the smartphone in the pocket gets wet. Many times the phone can be damaged by a little water. However, if you know some things, you can dry the smartphone without going to the service center. Let’s see how to dry a wet smartphone instantly. Water on the smartphone fix

If the phone gets wet, wipe it off quickly with a dry clean cloth. The more water there is, the sooner the interior of the phone will be damaged. If it is wet for a long time, the phone gets damaged due to a short circuit. All data is lost.

When water enters, remove the various parts inside the phone, such as: battery, SIM card, memory card. Now wipe them with a dry cloth.

Hold the vacuum cleaner for 20 minutes along with the wet parts and let the remaining panituku dry. Be careful not to hold the vacuum cleaner too close to the phone. Because, it generates static electricity, which is more harmful to the phone than water.

Water can seep into a smartphone’s USB cable, charger, and microphone, and damage the phone in seconds. So quickly get the phone out of the water and switch off the phone to avoid a short circuit.

Take out the SIM card. If you can, put it in the sun. Then insert the SIM card. It is better not to charge the phone for 24 hours. Put the battery in the rice instead. The rice absorbs the excess moisture of the battery.

There are some special moisture absorbers (desiccants) that can absorb moisture better than rice, such as silica gel. When we buy new shoes or bags, we often get a packet of silica gel with it.

The smartphone can be left with a packet of silica gel in a plastic bag or airtight jar. However, one of the disadvantages of this method is that the absorption capacity of these packets is usually depleted once used.

Take out the water inside the smartphone yourself

When the phone gets wet, many people try to keep the phone dry by using a hairdryer. Be careful not to save the phone. The hot air from the hairdryer damages the mobile. Many times it melts the various parts inside. In general, the sooner you follow these rules, the better your chances of getting the phone fixed.

If that works, your phone probably needs a new battery. And if the new battery doesn’t work either, take your phone to an authorized dealer. They may be able to help you with this.

However, in this case, the incident of the phone falling into the water should not be hidden. This is because some parts of the phone have a humidity indicator. Moreover, if you know the exact cause of the problem of the phone, it becomes easier to fix it.

Take out the water inside the smartphone yourself



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