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That’s why giving mobile numbers online is dangerous!

That’s why giving mobile numbers online is dangerous!

In the digital age, people’s online security is being disrupted as a result of various online activities. Your mobile number can be used by malicious organizations for various purposes. The Indian Express reported the matter in a report. giving mobile numbers online is dangerous

You may need a personal mobile number to fill out various forms. But you don’t even know if the rogue organizations are collecting your mobile number. They may later sell the numbers to a different organization, which may later use them for commercial purposes.

In addition, there is the risk of harassment, extortion or harassment in any other way through mobile phones. Keep your mobile number with you to avoid these problems.

Many people register using mobile numbers through social media. In this case, once your number is published, someone else can run an account in your name with it, which can interfere with your personal security if you do not understand in time.

Giving your mobile number directly to a dating site or app means giving others access to a lot of your personal information. Because someone can blackmail you using this number.

Your information can also be stolen through mobile apps. So keep in mind how much information the apps want to access your information. Do not install the app if they want access to personal photos, mobile numbers, call logs, etc. Install another similar app instead.



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