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The 42-hour journey spans 4 years

The 42-hour journey spans 4 years

It was supposed to reach its destination in 42 hours. But it took about four years. The freight train from Andhra Pradesh reached Uttar Pradesh after a long four years. On November 10, 2014, a freight train departed from Visakhapatnam station. The train started its journey by loading D-ammonium phosphate in 1316 bags.

It was supposed to cross the 1326 km route and reach Basti station in Uttar Pradesh after 42 hours. But it arrived last Wednesday at 3:30 pm. Railway officials were shocked to see such a scene. What happened is that the wagon took so long to reach its destination?

Sanjay Yadav, chief public relations officer of the North Eastern Railway Zone, said that in many cases, if any compartment or equipment of a freight train breaks down, it is sent to the yard. In this case, too, it seems to have happened.


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