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The Asia Cup is going back again!

If India reaches the final of the World Test Championship, the Asia Cup will be postponed. This was stated by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ehsan Mani. The Asia Cup is going back again

Because this time Asia Cup is scheduled to be held next June. But at the same time, the final of the World Test Championship will be at Lord’s. With a 2-1 lead in the Test series against England, India’s chances of playing in that match are bright. If India can draw the last match of the series, they will advance to the final. And so the idea behind the Asia Cup is going on.

“The Asia Cup was supposed to be held last year,” Mani said. But was delayed due to corona. Sri Lanka also agreed to host the tournament this year. But in the current situation, it is being assumed that this competition cannot be organized. The dates of the two are the same. In any case, this competition may have to be postponed to 2023. ”

PCB CEO Wasim Khan said, “India has practically reached the final. So there is a strong possibility that the Asia Cup will not happen. We are now waiting for the India-England series to end. ”

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