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The cause of hair loss in boys and what to do

hair loss in boys

Hair loss is a terrible problem. Both men and women have this problem. Hair can fall out for a variety of reasons. Hair loss can be due to various reasons including hereditary, environmental, anxiety, and malnutrition. In the beginning, hair loss is less, but gradually the rate of hair loss increases a lot. So if it is possible to prevent it in the beginning, it is possible to stop hair fall. Physiological alopecia usually causes an average of 50/100 hair loss per day. hair loss in boys

If the amount of growth is less than this reading then the hair of the head starts to decrease. However, hair loss is more common in androgenic alopecia in both men and women. It usually causes hair to fall out at a specific place on the head. Such as from both sides of the forehead or from the middle of the head which is usually due to an excess of androgenic hormones. Let’s find out the causes of hair loss and how to solve it.

Causes of hair loss in boys:

1. Hormones: There are some hormones that accelerate hair loss. Such as androgenic, testosterone, androsterone, DHT hormones are usually higher in men. These hormones usually work on the hair follicles and accelerate hair loss. This is the reason why men’s hair falls out more.

2. Hereditary: One of the causes of hair loss is hereditary. If someone in the family is bald, it is normal for you to be bald too.

3. Dermatitis: Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. Dermatitis or dandruff can also cause hair loss.

4. Health problems: Lack of essential vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss. Many people suffer from some incurable diseases but a lot of hair falls out.

5. Drug Addiction: Alcohol, drugs, etc. can take away the precious hairs of your head untimely. There are many evils of this. There are also many health risks.

hair loss Solution:

1. Protein: One of the ingredients to stop hair loss is protein, why not one of the ingredients in hair formation is keratin which is a type of protein made with amino acids. These amino acids help new hair to grow. Foods such as fish, meat, cheese, milk, eggs, soybeans, beans, bananas, nuts, etc. are rich in amino acids.

2. Water: Lack of water in the body can increase hair loss. So make it a habit to drink more water every day to reduce hair loss.

3. Ginger, garlic, and onion juice: If you use any one of these three ingredients regularly at the beginning of the hair, you can reduce hair wear.

4. Neem leaves: Apply fresh neem leaves on the scalp with a little apple cider vinegar. After a while, wash with a mild shampoo. Hair fall is reduced if you follow this therapy once or twice a week.

5. Use good oil: For those who are worried about hair loss and various hair problems, massage a good quality oil on the scalp 2-3 times a week for a few minutes. For example, you can use sesame oil, almond oil. These will help keep your hair follicles functioning. And you can use castor oil to grow new hair on the head or as a way to thicken hair

. Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes: Alcohol interferes with your hair growth. Stay away from alcohol to maintain the health of your hair. Cigarettes block the blood circulation in your scalp resulting in reduced hair growth. So, stay away from alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.

. Keep your hair clean: A lot of dirt accumulates in your hair for daily activities and going out. It also increases dandruff. So the hair should be kept clean regularly using good anti-dandruff shampoo. Even if you use lemon and onion juice for a while before bathing, you will get many benefits.

. Reduce Anxiety: In many cases, men lose their hair due to stress or anxiety. So these have to be reduced. And to reduce yoga, meditation is very beneficial. Praying will also help you reduce anxiety.

hair loss in boys



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